TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 310 - 'Scene of the Crime'



Face Off Episode 310
“Scene of the Crime”
Original Airdate: 23 October 2012

In This Episode...

The four remaining contestants are taken out to the forest, where there are four (fake) crime scenes set up. The contestants must spread out, pick a crime scene, and spend a half-hour examining the crime scene. They must then create the monster that likely committed the murder. Obviously inspired by Grimm, a whole bunch of Grimm guests show up. Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe, was with Mackenzie at the beginning to tell the contestants about the challenge; makeup designer for the show, Barney Berman, is on hand for the walk-through; and writer/producer Richard Hatem was the guest judge.

The Creations

Derek initially thought that the scratches on his victim meant a werewolf attack, but upon closer examination, he realized that a talon and feathers suggested a bird-like creature. Since birds are likely ancestors of dinosaurs, he made a lightly-feathered raptor / human hybrid. Glenn was impressed by the paint job and felt that it was Derek’s most balanced, complete makeup to date. Neville didn’t like the one talon sticking out of the model’s shoe like a toenail, but Richard thought it was very Grimm.

Nicole was the one who found the werewolf attack. She decides on a female wolf in hopes of making hers unique from other werewolves. The fur found on the scene was grey, so Nicole made her werewolf grey, which Ve appreciated greatly, but she also thought the fur would be more effective if it were shorter and more sparse. Richard thought it was the scariest creation tonight, a kind of werewolf / zombie hybrid. 

Laura’s victim seemed to have died collecting insect venom specimens. She couldn’t decide what to create, so she made a human / insect hybrid that had aspects of a beetle, bee, and spider. Neville liked that she went old-school, creating wings out of wire and cellophane. Glenn found himself liking the bright color palette, and was impressed with the skill at which it all worked together.

Roy surmised his victim had discovered a newly hatched snake, and its momma was coming back for it. His snake woman was a tough biker chick with a hideous red wig that literally ruined a great sculpt that the judges were unanimously impressed with.

The Verdict?

Laura is the winner. Roy goes home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really liked the concept of the episode, but I was underwhelmed by the creations. I’m sure up close the makeups were impressive, but on TV, they were just “meh.”


Next week is the finale. I am not certain, but I think they are going to split it up over two nights. I hate when they do that.