TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 311 - 'Immortal Enemies'



Face Off  Episode 311
“Immortal Enemies”
Original Airdate: 30 October 2012

In This Episode...

The final three contestants take place in their final challenge. They must create two makeups: a demon sent to earth to cause chaos, and a witch that is there to hunt it down. The witch must be based on an elemental force. Each finalist gets to choose two former contestants to be on their team. After the presentation of the costumes, the models all take place in a stunt spectacular to test the durability of the makeups. Patrick returned to judge, alongside Ve, Glenn, and Neville.

The Creations

Laura teamed with Rod and Tommy. She chose earth for her witch element. Her witch was supposed to be tree-like, and her demon was supposed to be the antithesis of that: he is toxic. The judges all agreed that the witch was fantastic, but there were problems with the demon; mainly that he did not seem to come from the same place as the witch, and there was a general lack of cohesiveness.

Nicole’s team consisted of Roy and Sarah. Water was the element, and her witch had a flowing quality with a beautiful coral headpiece. The demon had awesome teeth, made of feather quills. Ve loved them. Of the three contestants, the judges felt Nicole’s makeups were the most cohesive. Neville did not like the horns on the demon - he felt they were too goat-like. Glenn thought the demon head was too blocky. Ve loved the paint on both of them - it almost glowed. Nicole had my favorite look tonight, and as of 1am PT, she had twice the amount of votes as her competitors.

Derek teamed with his brother (shock) and Jason. Fire was his element. His witch burned so bright the outer layers of her skin cracked to let lava through, and her demon was a soul eater who escaped from his underground prison. I personally thought that the witch looked like Darth Maul - I was surprised not one of the judges mentioned that. The judges all liked his concept, and many of the details. Glenn thought the demon’s silhouette was best, but had huge problems with the face.

The Verdict?

We have to wait until Halloween night to find out. You can vote for your favorite at

Dig It or Bury It?

A few problems here: first, for a “Halloween challenge” this is not very Halloween-y. The challenge itself is fine, but a little underwhelming for a final challenge, and lacking in the gore and scares that would say “Halloween” to me. Second, the stunt show was a little weaksauce. The stunts were fine, but there was no story, no reasoning. It was just a bunch of monsters running around, riding motorcycles, throwing fake punches, and falling over balconies.  Third, I hate hate hate when reality shows split up finales into two episodes. What the hell are they going to do in Wednesday’s live finale?


We will have 58 minutes (including commercials) of thumb-twiddling before the winner is revealed.