TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 403 - 'When Hell Freezes Over'



Face Off Episode 403
“When Hell Freezes Over”
Original Airdate: 29 January 2013

In This Episode...

The contestants are paired up randomly and get to choose a demon from “another walk of life” (I have to imagine that, for most people all demons come from another walk of life) to bring to life. I think the goal was to take some of the cultural significance of the demon and bring it out in the makeups. The success of this initiative was negligible.  A few hours into their first day, MacKenzie comes into the shop to throw a wrench in the works: all the demons must look like “hell has frozen over.” So they all have to be ice demons.

The Creations

face off

Kris and Eric Z had Abraxas, an Egyptian demon. They created an unimpressive dog / goat creature with a smushed face. They were safe.

face off

House and Meagan had snake demon Azi Dahanka. The cobra cowl was a little small to be effective, and the snake arm the demon was supposed to have looked more like a snake sock puppet. They were safe.

face off

Alex and Autumn had Pazuzu, an interestingly enough, there was not a single The Exorcist reference made. Autumn was quite proud of her gargoyle-like sculpt; she thought it was cute. Ve thought the face looked like it had been carved with a spoon. Neville thought the wings looked broken and there was no physiology. Glenn, as usual, had the most comedically harsh words: “It punches you in the face with how bad it sucks.” 

face off

Anthony and Alam had Deumus, a female Hindu demon. The pair wanted to make their demon beautiful and clean, while still looking demonic. Glenn thought it was a gorgeous fusion of the demonic and the cultural; Neville was taken with how they managed to take the demonic aspects, and add subtle sculptural elements to maintain that beauty. 

face off

As soon as I saw Katie and Jenna’s Eurynome (a Greek demon) walk out, I knew one of them was going home. The face sculpt looked like it had gone through a meat grinder (something that Jenna blamed on a hand injury that was causing pain and numbness). Katie had wanted to make the demon a “walker,” walking on all fours. This included arm extensions so the model could walk on all fours, but she neglected to actually make them function. They were basically huge poles that were painted and wrapped in some tattered cloths. Neville couldn’t figure out if the extensions were supposed to be limbs or canes or whatever; instead, he simply called them “abysmal.” At least the girls knew their project was “a hot mess.”

face off

Eric F. and Wayne had a Russian demon named Chort. Eric wanted to build animatronic blinking eyes, which he did, but during the application, the wire became disconnected and it didn’t work. Even still, they had a beautiful sculpt with a great silhouette and enormous, impressive horns. The body paint was a little lackluster - they ran out of time and they knew it.

The Verdict?

Anthony and Alam were the top team, and Anthony won again. Now I just want to see him win every single competition. Meanwhile, Katie was sent packing due to those offensively bad arm extensions.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was nothing special about the challenge but there were a couple of really great and spectacularly terrible makeups.


The contestants are tasked with creating candy creatures. Yum!