TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 406 - 'Bugging Out'



Face Off Episode 406
“Bugging Out”
Original Airdate: 19 February 2013

In This Episode...

We start with a spotlight challenge. The contestants have two hours to reinvent an iconic female fairytale character as a bad girl. Eric F. won for his half wolf, half Riding Hood creation. He gained immunity for the week as well as a professional makeup kit from Makeup Forever.

Moving on to the foundation challenge, monitors are set up in the studio, with brightly-colored abstract images on them. Each contestant chooses one that will inspire their makeups. Only after they choose are they given the whole picture: these are microscopic images of various insects. The contestants must create a hybrid creature based on their insect.

The Creations

Alam had a grasshopper. The colors were bright and beautiful, but Ve found them a “mish mosh” while Glenn hates that the colors don’t flow together. Other problems include bunchy bits of fabric taped to the back that are meant to be wings; translucent silicone painted opaque; and an indecipherable combination of glittery flip-flops, leaves, and crystals.

Anthony had an ant. He had a tough time getting started, figuring out what he wanted, and getting it all in motion. He is not proud of it, but it is what it is. The judges didn’t like it. Glenn thought it had a lot of bizarre elements including a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-like shell. Ve said he shouldn’t have been so good at the beginning, because now they just want more and more out of him.

Kris had a butterfly. He was worried about building wings, but did a fabulous job by encasing the arms in the wings, as opposed to just attaching foam board. Kris couldn’t find much in the reference books on what the butterfly torso would look like, so he made it up, which Glenn appreciated - he said that he could see Kris in the sculpt. The proportions and colors were well-received. 

Eric Z. had a mosquito. I liked that he was drinking out of a blood bag.

Eric F. had a spider. His was the best example of human/bug hybrid: a woman who was halfway through becoming a spider.

Wayne had a firefly. It felt unfinished, largely because the pieces that tied in the abstract photo was left in the work room. Glenn loved it - hiding the eyes in plain sight was ingenious and the mouth movement was well integrated. Ve liked the neutral color tone and the light-up “tail.”

House had a bee. It was good but not extraordinary. 

Autumn had a beetle. Another “fine” piece; nothing special.

Meagan had a moth. She made it furry, but the wings were a mess. Neville told her she wasn’t far off with fur, but the colors were killing it. Ve had the quote of the night: “It looked like psychedelic vomit.”

The Verdict?

The winner came down to Kris and Wayne. They would have given it to Wayne, but he didn’t have the photo element, which meant that he didn’t complete the challenge. So Kris won - by default. He’ll take it. Alam was sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

Other than the element of surprise, there was nothing special about this episode. They have done bug challenges before; this one doesn’t really add a new level to it. I thought the spotlight challenge was far more interesting, but that wasn’t even given a full act.


The contestants are tasked with creating their own intergalactic werewolves.