TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 407 - 'Howl at the Moon'



Face Off Episode 407
“Howl at the Moon”
Original Airdate: 26 February 2013

In This Episode...

This week starts with a spotlight challenge. The remaining eight contestants are divided into teams of two, then a horde of zombie models are let out of a barn. The teams have two and a half hours to turn 20 models into zombies. Gale Anne Hurd guest judges this competition. Meagan and Anthony were the top team, but only one can get immunity: Meagan.

For the foundation challenge, the contestants are teamed up randomly again. They are asked to create a werewolf that might live on one of the other planets in our solar system.

The Creations

face off

House and Meagan had Mars as their planet. They envisioned an astronaut who lands and is attacked by a werewolf - he is mid-change. Despite the fact that the mask was woefully ill-fitting (it was about two inches too big) House glued it down so that it was clean. I didn’t like the paint job - it felt messy and slap-dash. Glenn liked the backstory and thought they made brilliant decisions with the paint and sculpt. Neville was impressed with the big shoulders and small head - very classic.

face off

Eric Z. and Autumn were a match made in the deepest bowels of hell. They had Jupiter and gave their werewolf a rocky center that is piercing out of his skin. Autumn steam-rolled Eric, and he rolled with it in the interest of getting shit done (also, he is not a very forceful person). She even throws Eric under the bus when the judges talk to them. Glenn thinks their creation is a nightmare, and its execution is a travesty. He feels Autumn’s teamwork is loathsome, but in a workshop setting, he would fire both. Neville thought the concept was so asinine it was insulting, and Ve just went to straight-out insults: when Autumn said she didn’t think she was steam rolling Eric, Ve shouted out, “That’s because you were too busy being bossy to notice.”

face off

Eric F. and Anthony had Saturn, and because it is a windy planet, they gave their werewolf wings. The creation is massive - they kind of bit off more than they could chew. Glenn felt the proportions were nightmarish and that they tried to do so much it interfered with the quality of the work. The character was set up backwards (so the face and chest sculpt were actually applied to the back) which made a neat effect with the way the knees of the creature bent, but Neville aghast at what a bad idea it was - the model could barely maneuver. 

face off

Wayne and Kris took on Neptune. Because it is an icy planet, they did their werewolf in shades of blue. The idea is that the alien-werewolf hybrid stayed in the dark and only left the shadows to feed, and he would change in the moonlight. I thought there was something cartoony about the face, but the back had this beautifully intricate sculpture along the spine that worked all the way up into the skull. All the judges loved the sculpt in the back. Ve felt it was very cohesive and loved the colors, and Glenn was incredibly impressed with the paint job.

The Verdict?

Wayne and Kris were the top team, with Kris being declared the winner. Autumn, unsurprisingly, was sent home. The judges had no words of encouragement for her outside of “good luck” and none of the other contestants were sad to see her leave.

Dig It or Bury It?

I loved both competitions tonight. Normally I find the spotlight challenges to be time-wasters; but the zombie herd was awesome and it felt like the contestants were being thrown into a realistic work situation. The alien-werewolf thing was a cool way to spin what could be a very tired idea. 

I hate to admit this, but I am going to miss Autumn a little bit. She was just so unbelievably awful, it was like watching a car wreck. I didn’t want to look away.


In a double elimination next week, the contestants must create makeups with a bioluminescent element.