TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 409 - 'Mummy Mayhem'



Face Off Episode 409
“Mummy Mayhem”
Original Airdate: 12 March 2013

In This Episode...

The contestants must create an Egyptian god mummy, rising from the tomb after thousands of years of decay. The creations should have a a Deadite twist, to tie in with the new Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell has a pre-recorded message for the contestants, and reminds them that the new Evil Dead has a serious tone, so keep it creepy.

The Creations

Kris chose Khnum, the god of life and creation. Neville thought he had a flat, dead palette - appropriately so. (See what they did there? Misdirect!) Glenn said it was “really rad.” He liked the nuances in the face sculpt and thought he emotes well. Ve loved the texture of the skin.

Anthony had Anubis, god of embalmers and death. Glenn took issue with the proportions. Anthony was going for a regal look, but needed a bigger headdress and shoulders to pull it off. Ve thought he ruined a good sculpt with a bad paint job. Neville had a hard time getting past the paint, but once he did, he thought the rib cage was a beautiful sculpt.

Wayne had Sobek, god of crocodiles. This one was my least favorite - the croc head looked cartoony, but this was one of the judges’ favorites. The feeling was that the croc head could have been better blended with the human body, but otherwise the judges all were unanimous in their love of the sculpt.

Eric F.’s was my favorite. He had Ra, the sun god, and his face was definitely most inspired by The Evil Dead. This was Ve’s favorite part; Glenn liked it but cautioned Eric that it only worked for this challenge because it was an Evil Dead challenge (duh!)

House had Toth, the moon god. Traditionally he had a tablet, but house made the body the tablet and carved it with hieroglyphics. It was a good concept, but ultimately failed. The body was bulky and lacked the emaciated look a mummy should have. Glenn felt the colors were too unified and he couldn’t see the detail, while Neville thought the gold paint was a mistake.

The Verdict?

Kris won. House went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked the challenge, especially with the Deadite twist. The episode was kind of slow. With only five contestants, things are a little slower because there are less people to fill the time with, and the guys left are not the most interesting.


To tie in with Syfy’s upcoming show Defiance, the contestants must create an alien to go along with the show.