TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 501 - 'Going For Gold'



Face Off Episode 501
“Going for Gold”
Original Airdate: 13 August 2013

In This Episode...

Eight contestants from past seasons of Face Off join eight newbies to the show this season. Other than that, pretty much everything is the same. The winner will receive a Fiat, $100,000, and a VIP trip to a Krylon makeup studio.

Foundation Challenge

The contestants are tasked with creating a makeup look to go with the costume of one of the “guests” at a masquerade ball. Tate wins for his cursed princess, and gains immunity for the episode.

Spotlight Challenge

For this week’s team challenge, it is divided up into veterans and newcomers. They are tasked with creating five creatures that are part of an original hyper-stylized fantasy world. Each team must create a pixie, witch, ogre, troll, and fawn.

The veteran team created a witch who is the leader of the other characters. She is blind, so the multiple eyes her friends have act as her eyes. Alana and Miranda’s pixie was one of the standouts. Glenn was impressed with the multi-layered ears and the skill shown in the appliances. Neville found it to be cohesive in many ways.

Another standout was Laura’s witch, a ghastly creation who gathers strength from the people she eats. The “spikes” coming out of her back are the fingers of her victims. Glenn found it a fresh idea, and Ve, while she was disppointed by the face paint, thought everything else was beautiful.

On the negative side, Frank, RJ, and Eric failed in their attempt to create an ogre. Glenn felt it was just giant arms and legs, a little head, and no body. The proportions were a disaster

The newcomers linked their characters with glowing gemstones in their chests. All were members of a high council. Laney and Rick's fawn was the top look among the n00bs. Glenn thought it was brilliant the way they pulled the fur down into the face.

On the negative side, Eddie and Tolin created an ogre. It was cartoonish and didn’t fit in with the rest of the characters. Tolin was proud that it looked “Henson-esque” but Glenn was frightened by how unconcerned they were about the quality. Ve felt the proportions were horribly off, and Neville found it substandard on so many levels.

Adolfo also ended in the bottom with his troll, which looked more like a pig than a humanoid creature. Neville thought that the sculpt didn’t work and nothing about the anatomy suggested anything humanoid. Ve was offended that he couldn’t even give it a good paint job.

The Verdict?

Miranda won this week. Tolin went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was just the first challenge, so I will give everyone some slack. The creations were pretty good, but there wasn’t really anything spectacular. And quite frankly, the challenge itself was quite dull.


We just got a “This season on...” sizzle reel, but I think the next episode will have Frankenstein creations, and that sounds badass.