TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 503 - 'Gettin' Goosed'



Face Off Episode 503
“Gettin’ Goosed”
Original Airdate: 27 August 2013

In This Episode...

We start with a quick foundation challenge to tie in with Insidious Chapter 2. The contestants have two hours to take a male model and turn him into a female demon inspired by Insidious. Roy wins for creating what is essentially a female mask to create a walking mannequin-type “demon.” He gets a free trip to Los Angeles for the premiere of Insidious Chapter 2.

The spotlight challenge asks the contestants to create an original, whimsical character for modern times, inspired by a classic Mother Goose story. The contestants are paired up, but they get to pick their own partner. This week will be a double elimination.

The Creations

Scott and Eddie got the man in the moon. They changed it to be a woman in the moon who collects pieces from shuttle flights to the moon. It’s a cool concept that doesn’t quite come across “moon” in real life.

Roy and RJ have the cat and the fiddle. They decide to make it like the cat in the fiddle, and make the cat part of the fiddle. They pull it off well except that the glasses and excessive facial fur obscure the cat character.

Frank and Laura have Little Miss Muffet. They decide to approach the story from the spider’s point of view. He is a cursed prince trying woo back his princess Muffet. Ve wanted to see Miss Muffet as part of the makeups, and thought the color choice was terrible. It didn’t suit the challenge. Glenn felt they got lost trying to do something too big, and the paint doesn’t play well. It really was rather ghastly. Neville just thought it wasn’t inventive.

Alana and Laney got the “This Little Piggy” tale.They chose to focus on the piggy that stayed home, with the other piggies her minions. If they displease her, she will turn them into fashion accessories. All the judges thought it showed lots of whimsy, and Ve thought it was just plain adorable.

Lyma and Adolfo got Humpty Dumpty. They went with a female Humpty with a Lady Gaga-feel. I thought it looked less eggy and more flowery, but the judges loved it. Neville was especially taken by the beauty makeup and the couture elements. Glenn thought it was good enough to go straight into a film.

Rick and Eric got “The Crooked Sixpence,” which was a story I was not familiar with - it is about a crooked man who walked a crooked mile. They created a “crooked” man, who just came out looking twisted and evil; no whimsy at all. Ve thought that a more angular sculpt would have looked more crooked and more whimsical. Glenn’s problems went deeper: the skeletal structure was neither real nor fantastic. The “twisted arm” on the model’s back just looked like a third arm lumped on. It killed the look for him.

Miranda and Tate got Peter Pumpkin Eater. It was especially creepy at first, but after Michael Westmore came through the shop for mentoring, they toned down the skeletal smile. Glenn thought it ended up looking organic and was one of his favorite makeups ever done on the show.

The Verdict

Miranda and Tate were the top team, and Miranda won. Rick and Eric were both sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

The contestants this week seemed to have a hard time with whimsy and kept straying back towards creepy. And really, i can’t blame them. Scary is way more fun. Aren’t fairy tales supposed to be whimsical on their own? That just doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.


In the contestants’s first solo challenge, they must create a subterranean creature.