TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 504 - 'Subterranean Terror'



Face Off Episode 504
“Subterranean Terror”
Original Airdate: 3 September 2013

In This Episode...

The contestants must create their own subterranean creature. They are sent beneath an abandoned power station, where six “rooms” have different clues and themes. Each contestant must choose a room to interpret. Art director and creature designer Jordu Schell is the guest judge this week.

The Creations

Roy had some major problems. He planned a gigantic octopus / worm creature that would have his model crawling on all fours. Unfortunately, he poured the wrong type of foam into his massive mold, and had to scrap the whole thing. He had a face sculpt that was still useable, and built slap-dash tentacle arms to go with. The judges knew it was bad; Roy knew it was bad. They all kind of accepted it and moved on.

Scott... well, I’m not really sure what he was going for. Neither did the judges. Ve found his sculpt too messy, and Jordu thought the bright spots on the head looked like Fruity Pebbles. Neville thought there was a cool concept under there, but it was killed by a terrible paint job.

Adolfo’s concept was that his guy was on death row, but the electric chair gave him power instead of killing him. Besides the fact that he painted his makeups bright, bright orange (it looked like a pumpkin), his sculpt was “rudimentary” (Glenn) and “looked like a cheap Halloween mask” (all the judges).

Frank imagined a creature who had lost its eyes through evolution, and instead had a massive amount of teeth that expanded well beyond the gum line. I think this was my favorite makeup tonight. It was Jordu’s favorite as well. Glenn was pleased with “tons of intelligent decisions;” Ve loved the fingernails and claws; Neville thought it had great airbrush work.

Miranda’s mole rat was wonderfully creepy. Neville thought the skin wrinkling was spectacular. It was natural and organic. Ve loved the subtle paint job.

Laura also had a mole rat of sorts, but a little more emphasis on the “rat” part. Glenn loved every aspect of this, especially the oversized forehead which made the face seem smaller and squishier. Ve thought it was unique and cool-looking, but she thought it was a little pink for a creature that had never seen daylight.

Other creations this week:


Miranda won this week, the second week in a row. Adolfo was sent home because, as Glenn said, they “couldn’t get past the mask-factor.”

Dig It or Bury It?

I wasn’t particularly taken with this challenge, but the results were great. It didn’t help much that there were a lot of mole rats in the mix, and quite frankly, the vast majority of the contestants had very pedestrian makeups. The top looks were pretty great though.

I wasn’t surprised that Roy got to stay. His entry was clearly a disaster, but the judges gave him “points” for his catastrophe - and his previous work. I think this will be the last year they do veterans vs. newbies because I think the veterans have an unfair advantage. Regardless of what the judges claim, you know they remember the vets from previous seasons and it colors their perception of them as artists.


Hippie alert! Next week is a mother nature goddess challenge.