TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 506 - 'Trick or Treat'



Face Off Episode 506
“Trick or Treat”
Original Airdate: 17 September 2013

In This Episode...

We start with a quick foundation challenge, in which each contestant must create a makeup around a set of strange false teeth. Roy won for creating a guy with tumors to match his gold, pointy teeth. He was immune from elimination.

The spotlight challenge was Halloween-themed. The contestants had to re-imagine one of five classic Halloween costumes: skeleton, scarecrow, clown, vampire, and devil. They also must add a “trick” to their costume: a blood gag, LED lights, etc.

The Creations

Scott chose clown. He made a punk-rock clown who was the reincarnation of a serial killer, complete with a squeaky heart in his hand. I loved this one - the clown’s face was pinned into a smile with huge metal piercings. The judges didn’t see it that way, though Ve loved the idea of it. Glenn thought the sculpt was lopsided and looked like a strange mashup of Burt and Ernie. Neville wanted to see the paint look more clownish.

Roy chose devil, and made one with huge fabricated wings. Ve was intrigued by the paint, which looked like lava frozen in mid-stream. Glenn loved the sculpt but wished that the paint popped more.

Alana also had devil, and wanted to make hers an albino, with lava horns that were illuminated from within. Unfortunately, the sculpt was weird, and the model was given a cutesy bunny nose. Neville did not think it looked very devilish. Glenn loved the idea of horns, but wish that had been carried in through the rest of the “uninspired and inadequate” makeups. 

Tate went with skeleton, who shepherded the spirits of the dead into the cemetery. The skeleton had a beating heart. Ve thought it was really cool looking; Neville thought it was cohesive and balanced; and Glenn thought it showed superb visual storytelling, and was both creepy and fun.

Lyma chose vampire, which was really a human with a skin disease. Her trick was glowy eyes. Neville hated the glowy eyes. Ve thought it had interesting ears, but everything beneath fell short. Glenn thought it suffered from a lack of form and was starved for greater sculpt and paint detail.

Laney chose clown. The clown pulled rather weak intestines from her own gut. She used real cotton candy for the hair, failing to realize that the sugar would melt before her model got to stage. Despite this, the judges loved her look. Neville would not have known that the hair was melted had Laney not told him. He loved how vivid and graphic it was; Ve was taken by the big hairy armpits.

And the Rest...

Dig It or Bury It?

What a great challenge! I loved it! I would have chosen witch or ghost instead of scarecrow, but otherwise, I loved it. Although the judges seemed to disregard the “trick” portion of the challenge - no one mentioned any of the “tricks” as part of the judging.


Tate won. Lyma is out.


The contestants must bring to life famous artwork, and Elvira shows up!