TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 508 - 'Cosmic Circus'



Face Off Episode 508
“Cosmic Circus”
Original Airdate: 1 October 2013

In This Episode...

Forming their own teams of two, the contestants must create a dark and sexy alien circus performer. The makeups will be worn by members of the Cirque Berzerk performance troupe (basically a punk rock version of Cirque du Soleil).

The Creations

Roy and Laura teamed up to create an alien animal trainer, complete with a parasite attached to his abdomen. Glenn loved the idea, but thought it could have been better. He wanted to see the parasite on the neck or back of the performer, but liked the shape and color choice of the head. Ve was not fond of the all-blue paint job. Neville thought the form choices in the head sculpt were good, but couldn’t see a point to the parasite.

Alana and Laney wanted to create a ringmaster, but their collaboration hit the skids when the two couldn’t get along. Laney’s main contribution was the cowl that Alana didn’t like, so Laney passive-aggressively scrapped it. Neville felt their look fell short of  “dark sexy alien.” Glenn thought the nose started to go in the right direction, but instead of sexy alien, he looked more like a goofy carny. Ve thought the color choices were gorgeous but didn’t make sense; the purple shade was just splashed over the skin, no rhyme or reason.

Eddie and Miranda wanted to do a regal space contortionist. Ve thought their sculpt came out beautiful in an alien way and loved the paint job, but felt it could have been more feminine and sexy. Glenn disagreed: he said that because the sculpt had such good symmetry, that brought the sexy into it. Neville thought the sculpt has a beautiful form and Miranda’s face piece flowed remarkably well into Eddie’s cowl piece.

Tate and Frank created an alien from Neptune’s moon who finds a punk cassette and turns into a punk rocker. I did not like this makeup but the judges all disagree. I thought the head looked bloated and disproportioned. Glenn thought it was cleanly executed. All the judges loved the paint.

The Verdict?

Miranda won, her fourth win this season. Alana was sent home, which caused Laney to literally start wailing, almost into hysterics.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am glad to be rid of Alana. This episode especially, she was really grating. I liked the idea of this episode, but I was underwhelmed by the creations. I’m over the alien challenges, because all the aliens start to blur together. Bring on the gore!


Next week, the contestants face a challenge about the seven deadly sins.