TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 509 - 'Mortal Sins'



Face Off Episode 509
“Mortal Sins”
Original Airdate: 8 October 2013

In This Episode...

With seven contestants left, it seems obvious to do a challenge around the seven deadly sins. Each contestant picks a colored apple which has a sin inside it. They must create a foreboding character that represents their sin, and also work in their color. Guest judge this week is Bryan Fuller, executive producer of Hannibal.

The Creations

Miranda chose blue lust. She created a beautiful horned makeup - but I didn’t see lust in it. The judges felt the same, even after she described her creation as a demon whose lust for eternal youth drives her to drink the blood of men. Glenn, Ve, and Neville all thought that the sculpt was gorgeous and the paint was beautiful, but Bryan sagely noted that it needed more T&A. “Seemed prudish for lust.”

Frank had orange gluttony. Despite warnings from Glenn at the start of the challenge to not get too literal with their representations, Frank decided to make an enormous fat suit. The body looked okay, but the face piece was just a misshapen mess. Ve thought it was a goiter; Neville thought it had no connection to gravity. Glenn actually loved the paint on the chest, but found the whole piece far from clever. What’s more, Frank didn’t work in orange, aside from giving his model the orange apple to hold.

Tate had light blue sloth. I didn’t see the blue, but he used it as a highlight. One of the punishments for slothfulness is being thrown in a pit of snakes, so he had his model wrapped in fabricated snakes, tied to a spiral staircase. Bryan liked that it kept his interest and told a story. Ve loved the highlights. Glenn thought it was a sophisticated interpretation of the challenge.

Roy had violet pride, and created a woman so vain, she has destroyed her face with plastic surgery. Neville thought it looked good from a distance, but up close it was coarse with rudimentary details. Bryan thought it wouldn’t hold up on camera. Glenn felt like it was just a zombie makeup. Little details from the plastic surgery story could have been used, like pulling the face back tight. Plus, his stitches were painted on, not applied.

The Verdict

It was a pretty call this week. Tate won. Frank went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked this challenge, and I liked that it wasn’t dependent on a knowledge of religion to enjoy. I thought that the creations were kind of weak across the board. I think the creativity among the contestants is starting to fade a bit.


Comedic zombies!