TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 510 - 'The Laughing Dead'



Face Off Episode 510
“The Laughing Dead”
Original Airdate: 15 October 2013

In This Episode...

We open with a super-quick foundation challenge, asking each contestant to create their own Grim Reaper. Patrick Tatopolous returns to judge. Laura wins, and gains immunity for the spotlight challenge. 

The spotlight challenge this week is for each contestant to create a ghost character that is both scary and funny, citing Beetlejuice as an example.

The Creations

Roy created two little people who stood on each other’s shoulders to perform in a vaudeville act. They got hit by a car and are forever fused together. His amazing creation included a full body suit to mimic the lower little person. Neville laughed out loud when Roy’s creation came on stage. Glenn thought it was genius. Ve thought it was unbelievable. It was truly awesome.

Laura created a nerdy scientist who blew up in a lab explosion and doesn’t know he is dead. Glenn thought it could have stepped right out of Beetlejuice or The Frighteners. Ve was impressed by the massive amount of work. Neville loved the mad scientist hair and eyebrows, but wished it had been funnier.

Eddie was having trouble with the concept from the get-go and changed his concept three hours into the competition. He ended up with a baseball player who had a tantrum, threw his bat, and it ricocheted and hit him in the head, killing him instantly. The bat was just flopping around on the back of his weird, weird artichoke head. There is no explanation as to why the character had a pointy head, pointy chin, green skin and black KISS makeup. Ve didn’t think it looked funny, just weird. He missed the funny. Neville thought it was nightmarish and weird, but not in a good way. Glenn thought the makeup had no meaning and only further confused the look.

Laney created a character called Electro-Cute, a punk rocker who was electrocuted during a music festival. Glenn didn’t see the story reflected in the makeup and found the facial forms to be confusing. Ve thought she looked cute, but more like a punk rock alien who came down to earth. There were no signs that the character had been electrocuted. Neville thought it was a good idea but he wanted her to turn it up and make it caricature. As it is, he did not think it satisfied the challenge.

The Verdict?

In the most obvious-ever verdict, Roy won and Eddie went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I thought this was a great challenge, a really complex challenge that had some really great creations... and some not-so-great creations. I understand the problems with Laney’s makeup, but at least she had a creative and interesting back story. Other than a wacky color, I didn’t see anything funny - or ghostly - about Miranda’s creation. And Eddie’s creation was just a mess. A horrible, ghastly mess. The moment his model stepped on stage, you knew he was going home.


Dark elves. Enough said.