TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 512 - 'Flights of Fantasy'



Face Off Episode 512
“Flights of Fantasy”
Original Airdate: 29 October 2013

In This Episode...

The remaining four contestants meet with Dave Salmoni, a naturalist, who introduces the contestants to a bunch of exotic birds. The challenge this week is to create a human/bird hybrid, based on one of the birds they have been shown.

The Creations

Laura chose the umbrella cockatoo. Because it can live to be very old, and molts a lot, she creates an old age/bird makeup. Ve likes the coloring, especially around the eyes, and likes that she used flesh tones. She thought Laura was the only one who really brought any humanity into the sculpt. Glenn thought she captured the essence of the challenge, and the face had a lot of character. Neville had lots of problems with the look - until she mentioned the molting. Then it all made sense to him. No one really mentioned this, but the costuming was hideous - looked like the model was wearing huge pajamas.

Tate chose the Egyptian vulture. He uses real turkey feathers. I found the paint job to look like the vulture itself was rotting, but Neville thought it was one of Tate’s best paint jobs. Ve was on my side - she found the paint muddy. Glenn loved the theatrical treatment he gave the feathers.

Roy chose the blue-throated macaw, and made the sculpt true to the bird, but put him in camo pants - he thinks a bird/human hybrid would be military. Anyway, Glenn hated the black squiggly lines around the eye, but he applauds the ambition, loved the profile, and is impressed with his fabrication skills (though he wished Roy had used real feathers, not latex sculpt). Ve also hates the paint around the eyes, but loves the fabrication. Neville was the only one who thought the eyes worked.

Miranda chose the silvery-cheeked hornbill. Once again, she has a beautiful sculpt but pays no attention to anything below the neck. She has her model paint his own arms and, as Neville says, it looks like she just put “something” on top of human arms. None the less, he thinks Miranda is a fantastic sculptor. Ve also thought it was a great sculpt, but realized that Miranda has bad time management skills. Glenn thought the paint was too monotone.

The Verdict?

Roy, Tate, and Laura are going to the final. Miranda is going home.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was pretty obvious that Miranda was going home, mainly because of her lack of time management ability. Overall, I thought the challenge this week was weak. There wasn’t a lot of creativity going into the idea, and the contestants didn’t really have a lot of creativity to show. Overall, it was just a weak episode.


On next week’s finale, the contestants must create looks for the ballet.