TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 513 - 'Swan Song'


Face Off Episode 513
“Swan Song”
Original Airdate: 5 November 2013

In This Episode...

Well, here we are folks: the finale. In the last challenge, the contestants must create two characters from the ballet Swan Lake: the maiden as she transforms into the swan, and the sorcerer who puts her in that condition. In addition, the characters must choose an era to set their Swan Lake in. Each contestant will get to choose one veteran and one newbie to work on their team. Oh, and each makeup must be danceable - the models are the dancers and they will be performing.

The Creations

Laura teamed with Eddie and Miranda to create characters in the style of Italian Renaissance. I thought it looked very “warrior,” but the curls and waves and gold leaf did help soften it up. I especially loved the sorcerer’s head - I think this was my favorite sorcerer. Ve loved the bodice and shoulder pieces, but wish there were more feathers up through the head - as it was it looked a little “helmety.” Neville liked her classic silhouette . Glenn liked the savage grace she gave the swan.

Roy teamed with Frank and Scott to create characters in the style of the Ming Dynasty. For whatever reason, Roy complained about this time period even thought he was the one who chose it. His sorcerer was an alchemist, so the maiden turned to gold before she turned to swan.I thought the swan was pretty, but it didn’t look much different from any other ballet costume, and the sorcerer was ensconced in this weird foam “gate” thing (he had to take it off to dance). Glenn thought the pair looked gorgeous together; Ve liked her nose and black eye makeup. Neville said it was “odd for me in places, but overall it was so profoundly strong it achieved its own iconic look.” (Or something to that effect. You just know so much of the critique was edited out.)

Tate teamed with Alana and Lyma to create characters in the style of the Industrial Revolution. This was definitely my favorite swan, a great mix of flamboyant (but traditional( ballerina dress and pure costume. I wasn’t sure what was going on with the columns on his sorcerer’s head. Neville liked that he made bold choices with strong silhouettes. Glenn also thought this was the most beautiful swan, and was the epitome of asymmetry (done right). He thought the architecture on the sorcerer missed the mark a bit, and there wasn’t enough “brilliance” in his paint - he looked like a derelict. Ve simply thought it was stunning.


Laura wins!

Dig It or Bury It?

Um, yay there is a winner? I don’t know, I don’t really have any attachment to any of the contestants. I just like seeing the work.


Cycle six starts in January. Don’t get burned out!