TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 601 - 'Sexy Beasts'


Face Off Episode 601
“Sexy Beasts”
Original Airdate: 14 January 2014

In This Episode…

The sixth season opens with McKenzie Westmore announcing that this will be a season of extremes, and they are looking for bigger and more extreme makeups. She also reveals that, new this year, the judges will have the opportunity to offer a one-time immunity to anyone they think deserves a second chance. I assume that this is one immunity per judge.

The episode starts with a foundation challenge, to do a makeup that represents themselves as artists, and inspired by a huge, crazy wig worn by a model. George wins and gains immunity for the week.

The spotlight challenge takes the contestants to a castle, where they are greeted by six princesses in lush gowns, holding a picture of a castle. Working in teams of two, each team must create a Beast to go with his castle and his Belle. Stephen Sommers is the guest judge this week.

The Creations

Rashaad and Chloe do a beast reminiscent of The Creature From the Black Lagoon. It is not particularly original, but the detail is tremendous and the makeups were applied beautifully. Neville felt it was a very complete makeups; Stephen couldn’t believe they did that much work in less than two days. Glenn found it to be one of the most complex and complete first week makeups ever on the show.

Tyler and Bethany created something that… well it was fucking weird. I saw what they were trying to do: incorporate the castle turrets into the makeup, but it was done poorly and literally. Stephen thought it looked mousy; Glenn saw a teddy bear or a clown; Ve thought it was a Persian cat that got mixed up with an ice cream cone. She called it one of the “kookiest choices I have seen on this show.” That seems to be putting it mildly.

Matt and Margaret went with an alien-like Beast, but he ended up looking more like a strangely proportioned Conehead or something. Ve likened it to Silly Putty. Neville saw no elegance and no reference to anatomy in the design. Glenn was offended by the face sculpt, calling it “beyond unacceptable.” And Stephen seemed preoccupied by the fact that this Beast didn’t have any lips.

Daran, Graham and George were the only three-person team. (George, as winner of the earlier challenge, got to choose whichever pre-formed team he wanted to join.) Since there were three of them, they knew they had to bring it, and they did, with a Beast that has been trapped inside his rocky cliffside castle with the curse. The longer he is in the castle, the more he becomes part of it. Neville liked the details and thought the face sculpt was particularly good. Glenn was impressed with the way the makeups were extended onto the chest, giving the model some beastly bulk while still looking natural. Stephen, again with the lips, could see Belle kissing this Beast.


Unsurprisingly, Rashaad and Chloe are the winning team, with Chloe determined the ultimate winner. Margaret goes home.

Dig It or Bury It?

For a season that promises more extreme challenges - this wasn’t one. I guess they were trying to ease the cast into the contest, but it just wasn’t interesting. Create your own version of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. That just seems so unoriginal. On top of that, the creations themselves were pretty weak.


Crop circles must be incorporated into alien makeups.