TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 603 - 'Dragon's Breath'


Face Off Episode 603
“Dragon’s Breath”
Original Airdate: 28 January 2014

In This Episode…

The contestants are tasked with creating a dragon - but not necessarily a fire-breathing dragon. They must pick a battle-damaged shield and create a dragon that would have created that damage. The choices: tarred, sandblasted, frozen, slimed, quilled, corroded, and charred.

The Creations

Rashaad - Tarred. I thought his dragon looked kind of like the Predator. Not necessarily bad, just not particularly unique. Overall, the judges were impressed with how much work he did (he included wings) and the subtlety of his paint technique.

Tyler - Frozen. This vulture-like dragon reminded me of a bird version of Jack Frost (from the horror film). Glenn thought it was super-cool; Ve thought he created one of the best sets of wings she has ever seen on the show;  Neville thought there were lots of intelligent choices.

Niko - Quilled. I just found this one boring at best. Neville thought the paint was boring; Ve thought the sculpt was too rough and disproportionate; Glenn didn’t know where his eye should look.

Daniel - Slimed. I felt the same as the judges. Ve didn’t see it as a female (which he specified it was supposed to be) and the palette was “uncomfortable;” Neville couldn’t get past the hideous kimono he hastily threw on his model; and Glenn thought it lacked any dragon element: no horns, teeth, wings, etc.

Tess - Quilled. Her concept of an archer who uses her own quills and feathers to create her arrows was quite good, but it just didn’t work out. Neville simply said it was “rough;” Glenn thought the feathers were just jammed in; Ve said the headpiece was crooked and there was nothing on her chin to blend it in with the rest of the makeups.

George - Charred. This one looked like a Chinese dragon to me. Ve saw the same thing. She also liked the paint. Glenn loved the horn placement; and Neville just loved it in general - even thought it wasn’t particularly creative.

The Verdict?

Tyler wins; Daniel goes home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was a little disappointed that no one built an actual dragon - more of dragon/human hybrids. But with the time constraints, I understand, and those who did make wings did pretty kick-ass wings. I like finally getting to the individual challenges. I feel like the makeups are always stronger, if for no other reason that it shows a singular vision.


The contestants will create their own rock god.