TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 604 - 'In the Shadows'


Face Off Episode 605
“In the Shadows”
Original Airdate: 11 February 2014

In This Episode…

The contestants each pick a shadow silhouette from the wall. They must create a supernatural entity with that basic silhouette. 

The Creations

Daran created something that looked like a goblin version of Weird Al Yankovich. When called before the judges, he said his focus was on the back, a hunch that was supposed to be like a mouth. It looked like a vagina. An unfinished vagina. Ve is at a loss for words (they probably wouldn’t let her say it looked like a vagina). Neville was surprisingly complimentary, calling it a classic vision of horror that was way too abstract.

Cat made something that was supposed to be insect-like, but instead I saw it as more alien. Ve hated the weak, splotchy paint job; Neville thought the silhouette was cool - but not the one from the shadow; Oren thought it looked like her character was wearing a mask; Glenn didn’t think it looked supernatural.

Niko’s creature had what looked to me like an insect face and a minotaur body. I was not impressed, but the judges were. Oren thought it was the scariest of the bunch, while Glenn was impressed that he made a large model look bigger and more imposing without being clumsy.

Corinne made a female goblin that creeped in the night. I thought it was a good, solid makeup, but nothing spectacular. Ve thought the paint job was magnificent, and it was a “creepy little thing;” Neville thought it felt plausible; Glenn said she nailed the supernatural entity part of the challenge, and best matched her shadow.

Graham created something that had a face made of fingers. It was pretty cool, but the shapes seemed off to me. Glenn loved it and called it “creepilicious.” Ve liked the transition at the sternum. Oren had never seen anything like it.

Tanner’s monster was just a mess. The sculpt was lopsided and a bit cutesy; the horns were too heavy and not properly applied, plus he didn’t have time to make an attach more, so there were big craters in the makeup; the body latex was ripping; then Tanner decided to wrap the body in cellophane and paint on top of that. I have no idea what was going - it was just a disaster. Neville called it the worst thing he has seen on the show.


Niko wins. Unsurprisingly, Tanner was sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked this challenge because it allowed the contestants more freedom than they have ever had. There isn’t a uniform theme which means that, at least for me, there wasn’t “creature fatigue.” In previous challenges, I would get tired of seeing the same basic alien or dragon or whatever show up. Here, we have a mix of bug creatures, alien creatures, demon creatures, goblin creatures, and WTF creatures.


Next week, FEARNET favorite Doug Jones is a guest judge, and the contestants are tasked with creating cryptids.