TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 609 - 'Mad Science'


Face Off Episode 609
“Mad Science”
Original Airdate: 11 March 2014

In This Episode…

The lab has been made over to look like a lab for evil experiments. And it is. The contestants get to play “mad scientist” and create a victim - a “human guinea pig” that falls prey to your madness. Each contestant also gets to accept an antique medical device to inspire their “experiments.”

The Creations

Corinne had leeches. Her idea was to put them in “uncomfortable” places, but this pretty much meant laying fake leeches on various parts of the body: the lip, the eyes, the mouth, the chest, etc. It was rather boring, especially considering how much latitude they were given. Plus, the leeches just looked like giant brown boogers to me. Neville found it to be devoid of visual interest; Glenn thought it was a “black hole of original thought;” Ve thought she missed the chance to do something really cool and crazy.

Rashaad had a trephine. He is stumped, as he is not a fan of horror. He obviously doesn’t know what a trephine is used for (it was an archaic way to drill a hole in the skull in order to “drain” the demons from a person’s brain - kind of a precursor to lobotomies) because he made a plastic surgeon that went mad and made pretty girls grotesque. It’s a great concept that just fell apart. Most glaring was a second jaw placed randomly on the model’s chin. Ve thought that was “just wrong.” Neville loved the partially shaved scalp, but he also hated the jaw. Glenn thought the overall idea was less than riveting and not fully realized.

Chloe had an antique amputation saw. She wanted to do a classic Frankenstein makeup that looked like her creature had stepped from an old black and white movie. I thought the greyscale paint was a little flat (Ve thought it was a little too blue-tinged) but otherwise it was excellent. Both Glenn and Neville were taken with the concept.

Daran had a pneumatic bone saw. He has two people who he was surgically combining, but they are twisting away, trying to break free. Glenn thought it was beyond impressive and Neville thought there was “gorgeous stuff” happening in the face, and it was a live character.

The Verdict?

Daran wins. Corinne goes home.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was another great challenge. It went way beyond just the standard “make a zombie within these parameters” kind of thing. As such, all the creations were super unique, which just made for a more enjoyable hour of television.


I don’t know about this one… they are to make Roald Dahl characters. Sounds kind of boring. And, you know, not gory.