TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 203 - 'Compass'


Falling Skies Episode 203

Written By: Bryan Oh
Directed By: Michael Katelman
Original Airdate: 24 June 2012

In This Episode...

Ben and Jimmy have taken up a disturbing new hobby: hunting skitters. While out on one of their hunts, they come across Pope and the Berserkers in the forest. They had kidnapped Tom and were giving him the option of either leaving 2nd Mass (in case the aliens were controlling his brain) or they would kill him. Somehow the Berserkers are afraid of a couple of kids, and they are disarmed easily. Back at camp, Weaver has had enough of Pope's nonsense, but Tom of all people jumps to Pope's defense. He isn't sure if he himself is trustworthy, and tom figures Pope deserves at least as much of a chance as Tom does. Tom volunteers to Berserker duty to keep an eye on them. Naturally, the Berserkers aren't thrilled with the idea, but on their first patrol as a group, they see a couple skitters and the first inclination is to shoot. Tom insists they hold back, and the skitters leave without noticing them. The Berserkers now trust Tom, which just infuriates Pope.

On that same hunting trip, Ben and Jimmy are less lucky. They find a trio of skitters, but are only able to kill the first two. The third skitter hurls Jimmy away and activates Ben's spikes. They glow blue and Ben is almost hypnotizes by the skitter. It leaves without incident. Ben goes to Jimmy - and discovers that he has been impaled on a tree branch. Ben brings Jimmy back to camp, but Anne cannot save him. Jimmy dies about a day later. Ben is desperate to find Jimmy's compass, a gift to him from Weaver after Jimmy got lost for two days. Tom happens to see it around Pope's neck. When the callous Pope won't let it go, it is the straw that breaks Tom's back. He pummels Pope nearly to death before a Berserker pulls him off. Jimmy is buried, and the compass is returned to Weaver.

Meanwhile, 2nd Mass sees a plane flying overhead. An actual, human plane. Everyone is on edge when it lands. The prop plane contains one passenger, a woman named Avery who comes from a survivor's colony in Charleston. She is one of four pilots who are out on a search-and-rescue mission to find survivors. Short-wave radio has revealed survivors in Europe, which is her final destination. The Charleston encampment gets "closer to normal," day by day. It's still nowhere near the life humans used to live, but they have electricity and hot water, and have even set up a continental congress. Weaver is hesitant to go - he would prefer to bunker down in the Catskills until winter is over. But as the episode wraps up, Weaver has had a change of heart and agrees to give Charleston a try.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am glad we are finally meeting new humans, but this was a fairly uneventful episode. It was predictable and there wasn't much action. Did anyone else not feel anything when Jimmy died? I don't know if it was because he wasn't a very well-developed character, or if it is because I am a heartless bastard.

Alien Nation

The skitters come out to retrieve the corpses of their dead and take them back to their ship, presumably to give them a proper burial.

Alien Logic

I don't really understand why Weaver is so hesitant to head down to Charleston. His big plan is to hunker down in the Catskills and hide until winter is over. Naturally Tom doesn't want to hide because that is what the aliens want. What does Weaver stand to lose by trekking to Charleston? More people? Supplies? The worst that happens is they go down there and discover it is a set-up, or that the town has been devastated. There is a better-than-not chance of that happening if they just stay put. If it were me, I'd rather go out fighting than clinging to the last few days of a miserable life.


Tom's boys get themselves into a heap of trouble, and Weaver is reunited with a family member.