TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 204 - 'Young Bloods'


Falling Skies Episode 204
“Young Bloods”
Written By: Heather V. Regnier
Directed by: Miguel Sapochnik
Original Airdate: 1 July 2012

In This Episode...

Hal and Ben are out scouting a clear path for 2nd Mass to take to Charleston. As they are eyeballing what appears to be some kind of alien factory, a couple kids steal their bikes. Ben uses his super hearing to track the bikes down. They find a group of teens and kids holed up in a building. After a brief standoff, the new kids, led by Diego and his girlfriend Jeannie, put their weapons down. Diego, Jeannie, and a few of the other kids take Hal up on their offer to get some supplies at 2nd Mass.

When the kids show up at the camp, they get a big surprise: Jeannie is Weaver’s daughter. It is a joyous and unexpected homecoming, but one that isn’t perfect. Jeannie and Weaver’s relationship had been a bit strained, and her parents’ divorce was tough. Even still, they are more than happy to see one another.

Hal and Maggie escort the kids, along with a truck full of supplies, back to the rest of their group. Everyone is gone except for one boy, Johnny, who is crying and bleeding in a corner. Tee place has been trashed, and the skitters took all the kids. Heading back to 2nd Mass, Hal and Maggie work with Tom and Weaver to figure out a plan of attack. They assume that the kids are at the skitter factory. Diego is impulsive and wants to go immediately, so he gathers Jeannie and Matt and they head off. As soon as Tom and Weaver realize the kids are gone, they take off after them.

Diego’s crew has been captured. The factory is a harnessing factory and the kids are all in line to be harnessed. Tom and his crew burst in in the nick of time, of course. The factory only has a couple skitters on site which Tom and Weaver kill while the others untie the kids and they all get out. The kids decide they don’t want to join the resistance; they would rather hide and wait out the aliens. Jeannie decides to go with Diego rather than stay with her father. Hal confronts Ben about his spikes, which he noticed were glowing in the harness factory. Ben brushes it off, and explains his plan to ignore it until it goes away. Half the camp already hates him and fears him; if they knew about his glowing spikes, he fears he will be lynched.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked learning more about the skitters’ operations, but this episode felt stagnant. A lot of back and forth with the kids going between the different camps, and by the episode’s end, we are in exactly the same place we were at the start of the episode.

Alien Nation

Those harnesses begin - as was pretty obvious - as living creatures that kind of look like giant, legged tapeworms. They live in a tank, and when they are ready, they come out of a chute to a kid waiting below. The skitter almost seems to hold the victim’s hand and comfort him while the worm attaches itself to the spine. Once attached, it bores into the child and begins to harden and glow orange.


We learn more about Maggie’s past, and 2nd Mass gets another skitter captive.