TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 207 - 'Molon Labe'


Falling Skies Episode 207
“Molon Labe”
Written By: Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By: Holly Dale
Original Airdate: 22 June 2012

In This Episode...

Ben and Karen are off to find the rebellion skitters. Instead they come across the overlord. Karen’s allegiance still lies with the aliens, and they were hoping that Ben would lead them to the rebellion - their greatest threat. Tom and his crew find them. When they put guns to the overlord’s head, the mechs stand down, and Tom decides to take the overlord as a prisoner. 

Karen leads a team of mechs back to 2nd Mass to free their overlord. She first tries reasoning with them; then they start shooting as a means of distraction. A mech bursts through a wall and chases Tom, who creates an explosion. This stops the mech, but it also traps Anne, Lourdes, and Matt, who are in the basement collecting supplies. Jameel is sent down to help, but he is the one who needs help. Anne’s group find him, badly beaten and bleeding to death. Anne tries to save him, but dozens of baby skitters flood out of Jameel’s mouth - they were using him as a trojan horse. Anne, Lourdes, and Matt hide in a room, but it can only hold for so long - the little buggers can eat through metal. Hal and Maggie encountered the same aliens while looking for an alternate escape route.

The only way out for Anne’s crew is to send Matt through the air ducts. He finds Tom and Pope (who almost shoots when he hears something, then pulls back when he hears Matt crying) who had been looking for them. They find Anne and Lourdes, who have jury-rigged a blowtorch to make their way through the baby skitters.

With everyone safe-ish, Tom and Ben go talk to the overlord. He claims that this is not a genocide, but they will leave when their  “task” is finished. Naturally, he doesn’t hint at what that task is. Anyway, overlord makes Ben convulse, so Tom shoots overlord and leaves it to bleed to death. He then brings Karen back to see her dying master and tells her that if they let 2nd Mass move out without incident, they will let her take her master back to the mothership for medical treatment. She agrees. Once 2nd Mass is a safe distance away, Ben decides that he needs to leave, fearing 2nd Mass will never be safe while he still has a connection with the aliens.

Dig It or Bury It?

I genuinely liked this episode. It was all action, all the time. Between gunfights, obvious double-crosses, and zillions of aliens, what is not to like?

Alien Nation

The overlord claims that he wants peace - if he wanted a genocide, he would have wiped out the human race without a second thought. He wants Tom to think of this as a “correction” - the human race is spiraling out of control. When their task is completed, they will leave. Of course, the overlord won’t even hint at what that task is - maybe Tom could help! 


2nd Mass continues on to Charleston, but the numbers are dwindling and those left are starting to give up.