TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 210 - 'A More Perfect Union'


Falling Skies Episode 210
“A More Perfect Union”
Written By: Remi Aubuchon and Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By: Greg Beeman
Original Airdate: 19 August 2012

In This Episode...

As Arthur is being locked up and Bressler essentially stages a coup, alarms go off. Upstairs, skitters have invaded Charleston - at least a dozen. But these are the rebellion skitters, led by Red Eye and Ben. Bressler still has his men draw their weapons on the aliens, ignoring Tom’s pleas. So he stands in front of the skitters. Anne joins him, followed by Lourdes, Weaver, and eventually all of 2nd Mass. Bressler reluctantly tells his men to stand down.

Ben translates for Red Eye. The overlord they had captured last week was in charge of military strategy in the southeast region. Had they killed him, it would have sent the region into chaos, bringing their mission to a virtual stand-still. Red Eye can lead them to the overlord’s base of operations, where they are building a massive weapon that can level the entire country. Bressler doesn’t like it, but he agrees to let 2nd Mass go with the rebellion to blow up the mystery weapon. They plan to leave in the morning, but Bressler’s men raid the rebellion camp. the skitters scatter, and Ben reports to Tom. He knows where the weapon is being built, so they decide to go through with the mission, and leave immediately.

Tom, Weaver, and their crew make it into the warehouse safely. They are surprised to find it completely empty, and quickly set about planting explosives around the massive weapon in the center of the room, which points skyward. Karen enters and ties up the intruders. She wants to know how they found the weapon bay. Tom won’t tell, even after she uses the cattle prod on him, on Weaver, and kisses Hal into unconsciousness. When she gets to Anne, she can sniff out that Anne is pregnant with Tom’s baby. This is the first Tom is hearing of it, and once he does, he is ready to spill. Before he can, the rebellion bursts in. A battle ensues. Dai is killed, Red Eye is killed, and Tom kills the overlord. Karen escapes, climbing up the chamber walls like an insect, and humans and rebels alike take leave.

2nd Mass returns to Charleston as heroes. Bressler has agreed to relinquish military rule, as long as Arthur doesn’t return to lead. He is just fine with that, and wants Tom to take his place. But Tom isn’t interested. He and 2nd Mass have decided that they are going to move on soon. They aren’t interested in surviving; they want to fight back. Hal, who was brought back to Charleston still unconscious, wakes up, seemingly fine - except for the skitter insects that are crawling out of his eyes and into his ears. 

A rattling alarms Charleston. It’s not an earthquake. The entire community runs topside and discovers blue lights raining down onto Earth. One of the blue lights lands in front of the humans - it is a spaceship, one they have never seen before. Out comes an alien that they have never seen. And since it doesn’t immediately try to blow up the humans, we are to believe that he will be an ally... maybe.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a good way to end the season. I must admit, my heart wasn’t really in it about halfway through as I learned of director Tony Scott’s suicide. The skitter rebellion marching in was interesting - cheesy when the 2nd Mass formed the chain of love around them, but nice to finally see them ball up. I wish we got more skitter-on-skitter fight action. All week, TNT was promoting the last five minutes of the episode as “can’t-miss,” “shocking,” “must see,” etc. I hate it when they do that because it can never live up to those expectations. And frankly, it didn’t. It is interesting, and I am all for more aliens, but I was not shocked.

Alien Nation

Red Eye reveals, through Ben, that the overlord Tom captured was in charge of military operations for the entire southeast. The overlords are geniuses and can store an inconceivable amount of data and information in their heads. This is useful but it is also dangerous because no one else knows what the plans would be. So if Tom had killed the overlord, chaos would have ensued - none of the aliens would have any idea what to do.