TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 304 - 'At All Costs'



Falling Skies Episode 304
“At All Costs”
Written By: Heather V. Regnier
Directed By: Greg Beeman
Original Airdate: 23 June 2013

In This Episode...

The invasion that started last week concludes as the episode opens. Cochise sends his snipers to shoot down a small fleet of Espheni ships, effectively ending the battle. Katherine observes the Volm fighting with us and quickly changes her mind about the Volm and Charleston crew. She apologizes, then makes contact with the president who invites Tom to a summit. Tom goes, along with Katherine, Bressler, Cochise (so he can show the president there is nothing to fear from the Volm) and Pope, who is going along to protect his plane.

Tom and his crew are immediately greeted with suspicion until the president tells his soldiers to stand down. Cochise gets off the plane, and everyone freaks out. Tom does not get a chance to explain; the army just hauls Cochise away, assuring Tom that it is okay. Tom tries desperately to explain the relationship between the Volm and the humans, but he fails. Instead, he convinces the president to listen to Cochise’s story from his own mouth. Cochise, like his older brother, were born on the spaceships that evacuated his planet. He has never set foot on his home planet. His brother died in the war, and Cochise is hoping to put an end to the Espheni’s campaign of terror. The president is moved by Cochise’s story, and asks that Tom stay a little longer to help explain to the others why working with Volm is necessary. Incoming skitter ships are spotted and everyone abandons the base. Tom is upset that the president’s men take Cochise with them, but he doesn’t have the chance to complain. He and his 2nd Mass crew take off, but are quickly followed by the Espheni spacecrafts. They can’t outrun the ships, evidenced by the plane getting clipped by a bullet, so the plane is forced to make a crash landing.

Back in Charleston, Anne takes a DNA swab from the baby. She visits Dr. Kadar and asks him to devise a crude DNA test under the guise that she is worried about the harnessed kids. She gives him a dozen samples to test. Eleven come back completely normal, but one shows a mystery, alien strand of DNA that appears to be strangling one of the human strands. Naturally, this is Alexis’s sample. Kadar insists they tell someone, and Anne agrees, but when Kadar’s back is turned, she smashes him over the head with a wrench and steals Alexis’s sample. Anne returns to her room, where Lourdes is watching the baby. They share a drink, but Lourdes’s is spiked. As soon as she passes out, Anne collects a bag and the baby and runs. They don’t make it too far before they are approached by a little girl and her skitter master. Anne is nervous and refuses to give up her baby - then she turns around and discovers Hal is there, telling her it is okay - but to give up the baby.

Let’s back up a second. Hal still believes that he is the mole and wants to turn himself in to his father. Tom promises they will talk that night, but he makes that promise before he flies out for a command meeting with the president. Maggie still thinks this is a very, very bad idea. Hal goes back to his room, feeling somewhat defeated. Then his image in the mirror begins talking to him; a cockier, more arrogant version of himself. Hal gets frustrated while debating with himself the merits of turning himself in. He smashes the mirror, but cocky Hal has decided to “take over” Hal for awhile. 

Dig It or Bury It?

So in tonight’s episode, we have not one, but two characters who go through massive personality changes. Anne almost seems possessed; Hal seems like a person faking a dissociative identity disorder. Neither seem natural or normal. I know Anne had to be written out of the show for a bit because actress Moon Bloodgood was pregnant at the time, but was the sudden, drastic personality shift also necessary? Similarly, Hal is going through some shit, but that doesn’t mean he has to fall into every terrible cliche of someone dealing with a crisis of personality.


It looks like Bressler doesn’t survive the plane crash - but Pope and Tom do, and are forced to trust each other in order to survive.