TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 305 - 'Search and Recover'



falling skiesFalling Skies Episode 305
“Search and Recover”
Written By: Jordan Rosenberg
Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Airdate: 30 June 2013

In This Episode...

Tom pulls an unconscious Pope out of the downed plane moments before it explodes. Bressler was dead on impact. They wait until the ships overhead pass, then have to kill a couple skitters before Tom decides it is time to head back to Charleston. Of course, Charleston is a good 400 miles away, so they are going to have to learn to live with one another. On their first night together in the woods, the men kinda-sorta bond over their troubled pasts. When Pope mocks Tom for what he assumes was an idyllic childhood, Tom puts him in his place by revealing that his father was a violent drunk - the only thing idyllic was the fact that he survived. In turn, Pope tells Tom that a man in a Cadillac almost ran over his son. Pope and his kid hop in the car and follow the man home, where Pope confronts him. The man mocks Pope, so Pope decks him. The guy drops, bleeds out, and Pope goes to prison for murder. I assume that he was there when the invasion began. Whatever friendship they may have managed disappears the next morning, when  Pope wakes Tom by dangling a dead snake over his face. This leads to a brutal fight between the men - instigated by Tom. What breaks it up is the appearance of some skitters. The men fight them off as best they can, but they are boxed in. Tom decides their only chance is to jump off a cliff into the river below, and he takes Pope with him. The skitters decline to follow, and Pope and Tom survive the fall, finding safety for now.

Turns out Tom broke his ankle, so he is barely mobile. Pope tries to carry Tom, but Tom is being a big baby about the pain. They stop to rest in a covered little forest nook, and Pope tries to splint Tom’s ankle. Tom still can’t walk, and angrily tells Pope to leave him there. Pope refuses, but Tom barks at him to go. He finally does, leaving Tom alone and immobile. A day or two go by, and Tom is startled from sleep by the sound of skitters. He readies his gun but it has little effect on them, and he can’t move around for a better angle. Shots ring out, and the skitters go down. Pope is there to save the day. He shoots the skitters, forces Tom to his feet, and helps him to a truck he found. They can drive (most of) the rest of the way to Charleston. By the time they get there, they are in bad shape, and Tom is unconscious for two days due to severe dehydration.

While Tom and Pope are lost, Ben discovers that Anne and Alexis are missing as well. Marina, recently named the Vice President, won’t authorize Weaver’s demand for hundreds of volunteers; instead, she allows him a small crew consisting of Maggie and the Mason kids, for 24 hours only.  During their search, they find a dead woman, who they bury (at Matt’s insistence). They finally discover what I think is one of the baby’s blankets, along with both skitter and human tracks. They head back to reassess their search plan.

Also: Marina shows Kadar the photos of whatever the Volm are building. Kadar can’t tell much from the photos, but he thinks it is “overkill” - whatever they are using it for is far, far more powerful than necessary. Kadar has also checked the DNA of all the babies that have been born in Charleston in the last year - eight - and finds that no one else has the hybrid DNA that Alexis has.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was one of those requisite “emotion” episodes, where everyone shares stories from before the invasion. It was well done though - not too schmaltzy or cheesy. I don’t quite understand why Pope and Tom still hate each other so much. I know they have had their “differences” since the show began, but at this point, can’t they just accept each other? They don’t have to be best friends, but they could at leas not try to kill each other on a regular basis.

I like that there is a lot going on this season. In previous season, everyone had a kind of singular purpose: to find someplace safe, and maybe take out a few aliens along the way. Now they have someplace safe(ish) and there are lots of other things to worry about: a mole; a hybrid baby; a second government; a second race of aliens.


Evil Hal finally reveals himself to the camp. Shockingly, he is not greeted with open arms.