TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 309 - 'Journey to Xibalba'



falling skiesFalling Skies Episode 309
“Journey to Xibalba”
Written By: Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By: Jonathan Frakes
Original Airdate: 28 July 2013

In This Episode...

Tom returns to Charleston, rather casually. Everyone is happy to see him. He goes straight to Weaver and Porter to tell them they should attack the Boston tower. It is purely for revenge - he wants Karen dead. Weaver worries that Boston is too well-protected (though Tom swears that most of the mechs guarding it are non-operational) but Porter thinks that killing Karen may give them the upper hand in this war. Weaver is mildly concerned that Tom has been bugged again, and Tom gives him permission to shoot him if he acts erratically. Tom then goes to Pope to essentially give him the same deal. Pope is all too happy to oblige.

An explosion erupts, one that knocks everyone over and collapses much of the city. These come from glowy red tentacled bombs Lourdes placed strategically. This explosion ends up killing all the Volm except for Cochise (who is gravely wounded but promises that if left alone, he will regenerate himself) and divides much of the city by blocking exits. There are the people on the top side (Weaver, Matt and Ben), the people underground (Tom, Anthony, Lourdes, Jean) and those another level down (Hal and Maggie in the armory, running out of air at a rapid rate).

Most of the episode is people wondering what the hell happened and playing search and rescue. Of importance is Lourdes, who keeps trying to kill Cochise every chance she gets. She is not successful. Tom figures out that Lourdes is the mole when she mentions Lexi and Anne being killed in Boston. Weaver and Porter were the only people who knew he was in Boston. That was really the only damning evidence; everything else was weak suppositions that he strung together (like “you were hanging around Cochise when I told everyone not to”). Lourdes finally reveals she is the mole when she tries to shoot her way out of the ambush with a Volm blaster. She is caught and tied down to a gurney. The hope is that she was just infected by a bug and she can be cured, but Tom and the group have more important things to worry about right now.

Dig It or Bury It?

Well, it was certainly better than last week’s weird flashback, dream-within-a-dream format... but it felt like a stall tactic. Lots of shit was destroyed, but the focus was on how people survived the collapse. It was a little slow, very predictable, and there was a significant lack of action.

P.S. I still don’t believe Anne and Lexi are dead.


Season finale time. It’s time to take down the Espheni base... but it looks like Tom will have some issues with the Volm.