TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 310 - 'Brazil'



falling skiesFalling Skies Episode 310
Written By: Remi Aubuchon
Directed By: Greg Beeman
Original Airdate: 4 August 2013

In This Episode...

Weaver, Pope, Anthony, and Lyle board a train (!) headed for Chicago. Lourdes is chained up and along for the ride. The goal is to use Lourdes as bait to draw Karen and her forces to Chicago. Tom and the rest of the army, along with Cochise, have the weapon out on a barge in Boston. They take aim, and fire. The Volm weapon sucks out a bit of the grid, turns it into energy, and blasts at the massive tower in the distance. They hit one leg of the tower; it will take ten minutes for the weapon to recharge. They don’t have ten minutes - ships are flying towards them now. The crew shoots them all down pretty easily. The tower collapses under its own weight - it crumbles into ruins, and the grid goes down. A cheer erupts. The massive Volm ship - which resembles a flaming snowflake - lands right where the tower once stood.

Yup, that all happened in the first ten minutes. It was a pretty awesome battle. Weaver’s crew returns to base camp - they were surrounded by the Espheni and the Volm sent in soldiers to clear the way. Tom and Weaver go in to meet with the Volm commander, who is Cochise’s father. Things are very cordial, until the commander tells Tom that the humans are being relocated to Brazil. The promises that the humans will be well cared for there, and the Volm will protect them while they battle the Espheni, but Tom wants to continue the battle for their planet. To Weaver, it sounds like they are being sent to a prison camp. Tom grabs the commander by the arm, and this lands Tom in the brig. Weaver goes back to the people and sadly tells them they are being relocated. No one is happy - especially Pope - but they all lay down their weapons and pack up their meager belongings.

Tom and the commander cool down, then speak again. Physical contact with the Volm is strictly forbidden, but the commander apologizes. He doesn’t understand why Tom is so resistant to be relocated - it is for their benefit. (And personally, hanging out on a beach in Brazil? Not too shabby.) No other indigenous species has ever turned down relocation - they have all welcomed it. Tom insists they be allowed to fight for their home. He promises to think it over.

One of the Volm has gathered the rest of the group and leads them towards the transport. They meet up with Tom and Cochise. By order of the commander, Cochise returns the weapons to Tom’s crew and tells them they are free to go anywhere they want, as long as they leave Boston as fast as possible. Tom is grateful and says a heartfelt goodbye to Cochise.

As Tom and the rest of his army head out, they are ambushed by Karen, a mech, and a few skitters. Karen is waving a white flag and wants to talk about the Volm. Tom doesn’t trust her, which she understands, but insists that there might come a day when their “interests will coincide.” She brought Tom a gift, but he opens fire and shoots her in the chest. She drops, and a mini-battle breaks out. The humans easily take out the Espheni. Tom hears his name and wanders off after it. Hal and Maggie notice that Karen isn’t dead yet. Hall kneels down to hold her hand - and Maggie finishes the job. Hal is super-pissed about this, but refuses to admit it.

Meanwhile, Tom has found his gift: Anne. She is alive and well and they greet each other happily. Lexi is there too - she has aged six years in two months. Tom is a little freaked out.

Tom’s patrol group goes back to rest of the group and they prepare to roll out. Before they do, Lexi goes up to Lourdes, who is chained up in a cage, looking like a cross between a zombie and Samara. Lourdes looks fearful as the calm, happy little girl approaches. She reaches into the cage, caresses Lourdes’s cheek, and a handful of alien worms squirm out of Lourdes’s eyes. Tom sees this, and watches as his daughter happily crushes the bugs into metallic powder in her hands. Tom looks freaked out. Personally, that seems like a good sign to me.

Dig It or Bury It?

That was satisfying. The Volm weapon worked, Karen is dead, and Anne and Lexi are back. Regardless of what the outcome ended up being, the Volm weren’t lying to Tom and his crew. They brought down the grid, and came to Earth to fight the skitters. Maybe I am naive but I want to believe that the Volm really were looking out for the best interest of the humans, and that Lexi’s semi-alien DNA isn’t a bad thing.