TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 103 - 'The Poet's Fire'



the followingThe Following Episode 103
“The Poet’s Fire”
Written By: Adam Armus & Kay Foster
Directed By: Liz Friedlander
Original Airdate: 4 February 2013

In This Episode...

We see last week’s immolation from Poe’s point of view. The authorities identify the victim as one of Joe’s fiercest literary critics. Mike traces local security footage and identifies the Poe as a guy named Rick, and show up to his house with the SWAT team. They barge in and find no one home - until Ryan hears a noise from the pantry. Inside is Maggie, a terrified woman brandishing a knife. 

Maggie is Rick’s wife. They have been separated for about six months, and she is terrified of him. Police reports show that she asked him for a divorce, and he stabbed her. She was too scared to press charges. Debra promises her protection if she will help them find Rick. She is reasonably safe for the moment, as Rick is busy stabbing to death the dean of literature, for denying Joe tenure. Rick calls Maggie after, but they can’t trace the call. It is late, and Debra insists everyone get some rest. Reilly takes Maggie home. Ryan is supposed to go to his hotel but Mike knows he won’t and offers to go with Ryan to stake out Maggie and Rick’s house. Inside, Maggie and Reilly chitchat as he checks to make sure the house is safe. A banging noise distracts him. He then sees a text message on Maggie’s phone that simply says “Now.” He whirls around and Maggie is stabbing him in the neck with an ice pick. Maggie runs. Mike goes to Reilly while Ryan pursues Maggie. She still clings to the hope that she can convince Ryan that she is a battered wife, but Rick comes up behind Ryan and knocks him out. The men wrestle, but Rick gets away with Maggie.

Over at the country home, things are tense. Jacob desperately wants Paul and Emma to be friends, but neither have any interest. Paul tries to make amends, but when he offers his hand to shake, Emma slashes it and warns Paul not to turn Jacob against her. Paul gets pissed off and splits. He goes to the local convenience store and hits on a pretty young clerk named Megan - clearly trying to prove his heterosexuality. They end up with a six-pack of beers, making out in the parking lot. She warns him that she is not going to sleep with him, then they go back to making out. Paul gets rough and chokes Megan, which freaks her out. She tries to leave, but Paul knocks her unconscious and brings her back to the country home. Paul ties Megan up in the basement, and her cries bring Jacob and Emma downstairs. Jacob promises Emma (who is already wound way too tight) that he will take care of it. Paul is tired of being the third wheel. Jacob doesn’t actually know what to do.

Jordy is awake, but he’s not talking. He’s not talking, that is, until Ryan tells him that he spoke to Joe, and Joe was disappointed that Jordy failed. Debra returns later and tells him that she can arrange a visit between him and Joe. This grabs Jordy’s attention, and he talks. The most important piece of info - where Joey is - is one that he doesn’t know. “We divide the secrets so if anyone gets caught, no one has all the answers.” Debra asks if Rick knows where Joey is, but Jordy doesn’t know what Rick knows. He does know that Maggie knows, because she planned it all with Emma. This is when Debra realizes that Maggie has played her. Ya know? 

Also: Claire gets an anonymous email that contains a video of Joey and Jacob playing outside. This isn’t just a proof-of-life video, but a proof-of-the-disturbing: Jacob is teaching a reluctant Joey how to burn cockroaches and suffocate mice.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am so into this show but I’ve got to say: it is a tough one to recap. There are so many stories that intertwine, and so many flashback bits, it’s hard to keep it all straight. I am hanging on to every detail in this show.

Blood Trails

After Jordy realizes that he said too much and Debra has no intention of keeping her promise, he twists and wriggles until he can chew off part of his shoulder bandage. He then continues to eat the bandage until he suffocates on it. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I don’t even like new band aids... the thought of eating a scabby, bloody, pus-filled bandage makes me sick.

Flashback to the Future

The most important thing we learn in the flashbacks is that Paul is reluctant to play gay with Jacob. Turns out it is because he is afraid of his own latent homosexuality. Eventually, he and Jacob get drunk and have sex “so they can speak first-hand of being gay.” Paul is embarrassed and ashamed and is terrified that Jacob will tell Emma.

We also see that the incident with Rick, Maggie, and the knife to the gut was all an accident. He was practicing his stabbing technique and accidentally went too far.


What the hell is Paul going to do with his little “treat” in the basement?