TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 104 - 'Mad Love'



the followingThe Following Episode 104
“Mad Love”
Story By: Andrew Wilder and Kevin Williamson
Teleplay By: Kevin Williamson
Directed By: Henry Bronchtein
Original Airdate: 11 February 2013

In This Episode...

Focus turns to tracking down Maggie. Ryan goes to Joe, who tells them that Maggie went on a killing spree in Arkansas from 2002-2005. Six stabbings, all unsolved. This impressed Joe. The interview is cut short by repeated phone calls to Ryan from a name that comes up only as Jenny. Jenny is Ryan’s sister - and Maggie has her. Ryan bolts without any reason other than “It’s personal.” Debra sends Mike to follow Ryan. Mike knows that Jenny is his sister, and wants to go along with Ryan as backup. He promises not to say anything, and Ryan relents. The two drive to Brooklyn, where Jenny is being held captive in her own restaurant. Ryan doesn’t have much of a plan, other than to go in and do anything he can to make sure his sister is safe. After that, he doesn’t care what happens. Ryan refuses to go in armed, but does tell Mike where the back door is.

Upon entering the restaurant, Ryan finds it empty and dark. There is a chair and blindfold waiting for him, which he dutifully sits in and puts on. Maggie reveals herself and taunts Ryan. He takes it, until he hears Jenny call out to him. Ryan jumps up, rips off the blindfold, and Maggie knocks him unconscious. When she wakes him, he is bound and laying on a table. Jenny is there too, and assures him she is unharmed. Maggie unbuttons Ryan’s shirt and starts taping magnets to his chest. “Joe didn’t want me to kill you,” she tells him, “but he was the one who stabbed you, he is the reason you have a pacemaker. I am just shutting it down.” She cuts off his binds, and he rolls off the table, but the magnets are taking such a toll on his pacemaker he can’t get up. Mike slips in and cold cocks Maggie. This only keeps her down for a second. She attacks with a knife, and Mike shoots her. It isn’t long before the restaurant is crawling with FBI and EMT. They have Maggie’s cell phone and are hoping to trace where the calls to Emma are going. Ryan encourages Jenny to disappear for awhile.

Back at the ranch, Emma is furious that Paul still has Meghan tied up in the basement. There is only one solution: kill Meghan. Paul believes that Jacob should have to do the honors, and he reveals to Emma that Jacob is the only one of their little group who hasn’t killed before. This shocks Emma, hurts her, and makes her more adamant that Jacob do the task. Face to face with Meghan, she tries to talk some sense into him, appeal to the non-killer side of him. She suggests he just cut her up a little bit, on the arms and legs. She will bleed a lot, then he can tell his friends he killed her and dumped her body - they will never know. Jacob is scared to kill her, but more scared of his friends finding out he didn’t kill her. He’s a mess. He can’t killer her, and lets her go. Meghan sneaks out of the house and runs, but Emma hears the door close and figures out her boyfriend is a giant pussy. Emma and Paul go after Meghan, and rather than running, Meghan tries to hide in the barn. Emma and Paul find her, wrestle her into the mud, and stab her. But she’s not dead. Jacob finds her back in the basement, bloody, muddy, and tied up - but alive. I assume Emma plans on forcing Jacob to pop his murder cherry. Meanwhile, Emma and Paul are upstairs, muddy and bloody. She encourages him to join her in the shower, promising that they aren’t going to “get it on,” but in the same breath kissing him. Jacob comes in to apologize and finds the two of them in the shower together. Rather than freaking out, both Emma and Paul invite him into the shower with him. He does, fully clothed, and we get a minute or so of the most awkward threesome ever.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m so obsessed with this show. It has everything: a tortured anti-hero (the best kind); brutal and gruesome murders; a diabolical plot being acted upon by a crazed cult; an eerily charming British villain; and weird sex. 

Words of Wisdom

When Claire sees the video of the kidnappers teaching her son to kill small animals, Debra tries to reassure her by saying there is no evidence that psychopathy is hereditary. “I know that. But you give someone heroin long enough, they become a junkie,” she snaps back.

Flashback to the Future

In Ryan’s flashbacks, we learn the truth behind his “cursed” family: mother died of leukemia when he was 14; father was a beat cop who was shot during a robbery while he was off-duty; older brother was 9/11 firefighter who died while trying to save people. And then he falls in love with the ex-wife of a serial killer. That’s just fucked up. He believes he is doing the noble thing by breaking it off with Claire. All these years later, and she desperately wants back in.

On the other side, we see Jacob recount his “first kill.” He tells the story with relish and lots of details: how dragging the girl’s body made him realize how heavy dead bodies are, how he pulled the corpse into the lake, how he stood on the body for at least an hour to make sure it ws truly weighted down.


The FBI have a location on Joey. Now it is a matter for saving him.