TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 105 - 'The Siege'



the followingThe Following Episode 105
“The Siege”
Written By: Rebecca Dameron
Directed By: Phil Abraham
Original Airdate: 18 February 2013

In This Episode...

While the adults are basking in the afterglow of a threesome, Joey sneaks downstairs and steals the phone from its hiding place. He calls his mom from under the kitchen table, begging to come home. Claire is overjoyed to hear from Joey. He doesn’t know where they are, but gives the best description he can: a big, two-story house on a farm, white with black shutters, set far back from the road. Then Paul drags him from under the table and the line goes dead. The FBI do their best to track the call, but the phone is so scrambled Mike is having a hard time sorting it all out. Emma explains to Joey that the police are trying to hurt him, mommy sent him away to keep him safe, and his father isn’t bad, just misunderstood. 

Joe’s former attorney, Olivia Warren, goes to see him. She is clearly frightened by him and does not want to be in the same room with him. Her firm represented Joe in 2010 but let him go as a client when they “couldn’t do anything more for him.” Joe has her scared enough to deliver a few messages. The first is to the media, a passage from Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, which triggers two more followers, Hank and Roderick, into action. The second is to deliver a message to Claire. If she wants to see Joey, she must go to a specific intersection, alone, at a specific time.  Claire agrees, and sets up lunch with a friend as a cover. The FBI still goes with her, but she sneaks out the back after the main course.

Mike has figured out that the cell signal is coming from Dutchess County in upstate New York. Ryan is frustrated and insists they need to get on the ground, so he and Mike take a chopper up and work out of the local precinct. They decide they are going to canvas the area, despite it being about 150, well-spaced properties in rocky terrain.

While Emma and the boys are arguing over what to do with Meghan, Joey escapes. He doesn’t know where he is going, he just runs. An older man named Clark Sullivan finds him and takes him back to his house, where he promises he can call his mom. There is nothing sinister going on here. Clark’s wife, Nora, recognizes him from the news. Before they can take Joey inside, Emma shows up, breathless and grateful to the couple for finding him. She promises Joey he can call his mom from home, and he goes with her. The Sullivans, feeling unsettled, go in to call the police. They file the report before Paul shows up to “thank them” - with an axe.

Joey is excited that he is going to get to call his mom. Emma locks him in his room while she “goes to get the phone.” In actuality, Hank is there, sent by Roderick, to collect them. They have 10 minutes to pack, then they have to get out of there. Roderick is the one sent to kidnap Claire, which he does, though she gets into his car voluntarily, under the belief that she will be taken to see Joey.

The police get enough from the Sullivans to send Ryan and a local cop named Lopez to pay them a visit. When they arrive, they find the Sullivans slaughtered in their living room chairs. The blood is still fresh - they just missed Paul, but now they have a damned good idea where the trio is hiding out with the kid. A half-mile through the forest, and Ryan and Lopez come across the house matching Joey’s description. They call for backup, then split up to survey the property. Lopez is clearly out of his league with this case, and doesn’t do surveillance well. Hank, while packing up the car, sees him sneaking around and chases him into the barn. He plays dumb when Lopez pulls his gun, but he quickly attacks. The men struggle, and Hank gets the gun and fires into Lopez’s gut. He steps back but before he can land the killing blow into Lopez’s brain, Ryan finds him. He doesn’t hesitate and kills Hank with a single shot. Lopez dies from his wounds anyway. (The moment he appeared on-screen you knew he was toast.) Emma, Paul, and Jacob hear the shots, arm themselves, and go out looking for a fight.

Ryan breaks into the house through the basement window. He finds Meghan, alive and terrified, and promises to return for her. Ryan then sneaks up to the main level of the house. Joey had gotten frustrated and scared and broke down his door to escape. He peeks down the stairs and sees Ryan - and gets scared. Ryan doesn’t help his case by telling him “I’m a friend of your mom’s, remember me? She sent me to get you.” I don’t know about you guys, but that was the exact script my parents told me that kidnappers would use on me as a child. Anyway, there isn’t any time to contemplate: Paul comes up behind Ryan with a gun to his head.

Dig It or Bury It?

I enjoyed this episode. It was tense and gripping and had me glued to the TV, but nothing stood out about it. There was nothing stand-out good or stand-out bad. I find that so far, all the episodes of The Following have been just that: gripping, intense, but just all blurring together. It sounds bad, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Flashback to the Future

The reason that Olivia is so terrified of Joe dates back to 2010. Hank goes to see Olivia under the pretense of wanting to hire her, but instead he has a message from Joe Carroll. That message is to cut off her pinky and ring fingers.


Roderick is Claire’s “follower.” A standoff is underway at the farmhouse, and Ryan promises to break a lot of spines. Also, I am fairly certain that a young female deputy named Ava, who has been paired up with Mike, is one of Joe’s followers.