TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 106 - 'The Fall'



the followingThe Following Episode 106
“The Fall”
Written By: Shintaro Shimosawa
Directed By: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: 25 February 2013

In This Episode...

So Ryan is inside the farmhouse, held at gunpoint by Paul. Ryan is calm and confident, and keeps promising that his only concern is to rescue Joey - he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. This makes Jacob and Paul nervous, and Ryan feeds on that, playing on their sexual insecurities. Emma is nervous too, but she does a much better job hiding it in front of Ryan. Ryan is tied up in the living room, and Meagan is brought up from the basement to show that there are now two innocent lives in the balance. Mike calls on Ryan’s cell phone and initially talks to Ryan, but hears the others in the background. A line of communication into the house is now open, however fragile. 

Emma is scared. She sent an email to Roderick and is still waiting for instructions. What if he doesn’t send anyone else? The house is completely surrounded by law enforcement. The plan isn’t quite working out the way she wanted it to. Finally, she receives a call, and takes it upstairs. She goes straight to Joey, who is asleep after being given “special milk” to knock him out. Jacob goes looking for her when he has had enough of Ryan’s half-mocking inquiries into their sexuality. He is shocked when Emma isn’t there. She and Joey are gone. At some point, Ryan was able to snatch a small knife off a table and sawed off the ropes binding his wrists. He then attacks Paul with the knife and slugs Jacob. He peels the tape off Meagan’s mouth and tells her to keep running to the road - there will be law enforcement all around. Jacob is busy with Paul, who is bleeding profusely, so Ryan has no trouble escaping.

In the woods, Emma and Joey are stopped by Mike and Ava. But Ava finally reveals herself to be one of Joe’s followers and shoots Mike. “I’m with Roderick. Get in!” She directs Emma and Joey into the SUV as Ryan runs up. He shoots Ava without hesitation, but the car is already speeding away as Ryan drops to the ground, his heart acting up again. Mike is okay - he was wearing a vest. With reports now that Jacob and Paul are the only two left in the farmhouse, Debra gives the order for SWAT to take it down. They pepper the house with bullets, then storm in. Two of the SWAT agents shoot two others - they are Joe’s followers who killed two SWAT agents outside and stole their gear. They give Jacob and Paul safe passage out of the house. Later on, Jacob calls Emma, hurt and betrayed that she left them. Emma says nothing, but she does seem genuinely upset.

Meanwhile, Claire is learning about her kidnapper. His name is Charlie, and he has been following her every movement for two years and reporting back to Joe. He is very polite and explains that he has no desire to hurt her - he is her “follower.” In the course of his surveillance, Charlie has fallen in love with her. He kisses Claire; she pushes him away. She escapes briefly, but Charlie catches her. She faces no consequences and soon the FBI storm the bunker (they were able to trace an email from this location to the farmhouse). Claire is safely whisked away, but Charlie escapes behind a flash bomb.

Also: Olivia has one more message to deliver to the press from Joe. She has filed a motion in court, alleging that the prison violated his 8th amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment, claiming he had been abused in prison.

Dig It or Bury It?

I like that the show is breeding paranoia. I mean, Ava being a plant was obvious, but I still like the idea that the authorities are being infiltrated. I also like Debra’s backstory. It is horrible, unthinkable, but that cult mentality is fascinating. And sad.

If you didn’t love Kevin Bacon before, you have to love him after this episode. He is just so delightful as he remains calm, almost jovial, as he teases/pries Jacob and Paul on their love life. 

Also, I am beginning to think Roderick is actually Joe. Claire makes a comment that Roderick is a pseudonym from Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher

Flashback to the Future

First, we get Charlie’s background. He was in the army for six years, part of the cyber-surveillance division. He killed five terrorists in Bagdad during deployment, but was discharged for psychological reasons: he also killed four other people. “People I wanted dead,” is the only reason he would give Joe.

Debra’s backstory is revealed, too. She was raised in a cult in Iowa called Serenity Hills. In 1989, when Debra couldn’t have been any older than 12, the cult leader, Dale, took her into his bed. She fought back and ran out - right into her mother’s arms. Rather than whisk her daughter away, mom tells Debra that she has to and delivers her back to Dale. She ran away shortly thereafter. In 2004 she returned to the compound to see her parents. She is there because she loves them and misses them; they think she is there to ask forgiveness and maybe be accepted back into the fold.


Joe’s appeal goes through and he gets a prison transfer. No good ever, ever, ever comes from a prison transfer.