TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 107 - 'Let Me Go'



the followingThe Following Episode 107
“Let Me Go”
Written By: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed By: Nick Gomez
Original Airdate: 4 March 2013

In This Episode...

Emma and Joey end up in a warehouse of some sort. A big beefy guy with scars “welcomes” them. This is Bo. He works with Roderick from time to time, but isn’t part of the “club.” Joey goes to use the bathroom, but hears noises coming from behind a loosely chained door. He slips in and discovers a young woman named Dana in a cage, begging for help. Frightened, Joey runs back and tells Emma (he still calls her Denise) and begs her to help the girl. Emma confronts Bo about Dana. He won’t say anything other than that it is none of her business. While the grownups are distracted, Joey steals the keys, sneaks back in, and frees Dana. She wants him to run with her, but he is confused - until Bo busts in, furious. Dana runs through the back, and Joey eventually follows. Bo has a harder time following. He finds Joey hiding under a car and drags him out, furious with the kid. Emma confronts Bo with a gun, demanding he let the kid be. The two fight and Bo gets the gun, but is stopped when Charlie shows up, the escaped Dana in his hand. Charlie takes Bo aside to talk to him (we later find out he shoots him in the head). Charlie explains they are just waiting until it is safe to move out.

Joe’s request for a prison transfer has gone through. The warden has arranged for Joe to be transferred to a prison in Georgia. Joe is under the care of the U.S. Marshals, with Debra riding in one of the cars in the caravan. Something doesn’t sit right with Ryan, and he realizes that the security footage of Joe being loaded into the Marshals’ van was looped and forged. With Mike’s help, he finds out that the warden has a daughter in school in Georgia. His daughter is Dana, whose boyfriend just filed a missing person’s report. Ryan calls Debra, who stops the caravan and checks the transport van - Joe is not inside. But he is also not in the warden’s trunk, either.

Joe is in Olivia’s trunk. After a safe distance, she lets him out and gives him a suit. He rides the rest of the way to their destination in the passenger seat. They arrive at some office building, and Joe makes Olivia call Ryan, so Ryan can hear him strangle her to death. He gets out and calmly goes into the building, where he meets up with David. Ryan and Mike have, by this point, traced Joe to this building and are storming the place while David calmly escorts Joe into the maintenance hallways. A security guard sees them, and thinks there is something familiar about the man in the suit, but before he can say or do anything, he drops to the floor, bleeding profusely. A woman named Louise, who had bumped into him in the hall, had taken the opportunity to slice his gut open. Ryan arrives as she and Joe make it into an elevator. Ryan heads for the stairs, where he is attacked by David and his gun is taken.

Cat-and-mouse ends up in a parking garage staircase where Joe appears, calmly holding Ryan’s gun and threatening to shoot him with it. Of course, Joe can’t kill Ryan - it would be unfitting for him to die in a car park, without seeing the next chapter of what Joe has planned. He turns the gun over to David, who promises to keep an eye on Ryan until Joe and Louise are safe. They go to the roof and board a helicopter. Ryan makes a move on David, takes his gun back, and shoots him in the leg. He races to the roof but is too late: the helicopter is already in the air. This doesn’t stop Ryan from shooting at it lamely.

The FBI secures the location, and Debra distracts everyone for a few minutes so that Ryan can have a little “talk” with David. David is not feeling particularly chatty, so Ryan dons latex gloves and jams his thumb deep into David’s bullet wound, wiggling it around and tearing at muscle until David finally cracks. The feds hit the warehouse and find Bo’s corpse, and Dana, alive and safe. No one else is there.

That is because Charlie has already moved Emma and Joey out. Joe has transferred into an SUV and he and Louise drive deep into the woods, to a well hidden, well secured estate. As the SUV pulls up, dozens of followers stream out of the mansion. Joe exits, and Emma gives him a huge hug. Then he goes to see Joey, standing back, frightened and unsure. Joe is barely able to hold back his tears as Joey says, “I know who you are. You are my dad.”

Dig It or Bury It?

I was less than impressed with this episode - until those last 10 minutes. That’s when shit got interesting. Before that, it was more of the same: Joe using trickery and threats to get what he wants; the FBI always one step behind; Joey just a pawn. I really like this show, but until those last few minutes, I was starting to give up hope that this show was going anywhere.

But then Joe was brought to his followers, who are apparently living a commune lifestyle on a lavish budget. I am now hopeful that this is going to go in a whole new direction. I don’t even care that the FBI are still consumed with finding Joey; now that portion of the plan has been revealed, I am anxious to see where it goes.


A follower from the past meets up with Joe, with life-threatening results.