TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 110 - 'Guilt'



the followingThe Following Episode 110
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Shintaro Shimosawa
Directed By: Joshua Butler
Original Airdate: 25 March 2013

In This Episode...

The FBI discovers a hack in the secure phone lines used by the Marshals. They prepare to move her, but Ryan insists that he be put in charge of her security detail. This is non-negotiable. 

The Feds clear out the entire wing of Claire’s hotel, and do a final sweep before moving her. A trio of Joe’s masked followers - Roderick and two former militia guys - storm the hotel. They shoot two agents without hesitation. The lead on the case sends Ryan and Claire out the back while he tries to hold off the masked men. They shoot the lead and follow Ryan and Claire. Outside, one of the followers grabs Claire as she and Ryan race to the car. Claire fights her way free; Ryan shoots him (he is wearing a vest) and they escape. A few miles up the road, Ryan pulls over to throw out the tracker on the car and the SIM card from Claire’s phone.

The FBI assume Ryan will take Claire to his home in Brooklyn, but he brings her to a home in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. This is the home of Tyson (played by Dexter’s David Zayas) one of Ryan’s best friends. They went through Quantico together. Tyson has been in witness protection for the last four years. He and his house don’t exist. Ryan and Claire aren’t there long before she discovers something on her sweater: a GPS chip that the followers put on her. Tyson pulls out his arsenal and the three of them arm themselves. Tyson easily takes out one of the attackers at the front door. Another distracts Ryan by coming at him through the back. Roderick is outside and yells in to Claire that no one else has to die, and if she comes out, he will take her to Joey. Militant #2 shoots Tyson. Ryan gives chase, and Claire decides to take Roderick up on his offer. She dumps the gun, runs outside, and gets into Roderick’s car. Ryan watches helplessly as they leave.

Meanwhile, at Casa de Carroll, Joey is excited to see Jacob. Jacob is happy to see him, but less so about seeing Emma. He won’t talk to her at all until Joe encourages him to. Emma insists she loves Jacob and wants to earn his trust back. He gives in to her kisses, and the two have sex. In the middle, Jacob sees Paul - he had been having visions of him since he killed him. Jacob tries to hide from Paul in the bathroom, but you can’t hide from your own hallucinations. Paul wants Jacob to kill Emma; instead, Jacob stabs the memory of Paul obsessively until he disappears. When he returns to Emma, he tells her that he killed Paul - and now he has a taste for it. 

Also: the FBI finds a disturbing recruiting video.

Dig It or Bury It?

I loved the hotel action - very well done. I feel like the action stuff at Tyson’s place was a little confusing and that the characters at that point were not using their best judgement. But I am glad that Batista survived - er, Tyson. (He will always be Batista to me.) I am eager to see where this recruiting video leads. Hidden within all the gruesome imagery is a totally banal video of someone in a Poe mask saying, “Enter your name and your email address, and someone will contact you shortly.”

Flashback to the Future

Claire asks Tyson if Ryan ever had a serious girlfriend. The closest he had was a lovely redhead named Molly - but Tyson insists that he has never been more serious about anyone than Claire. Of course, there is a wrinkle in all this. Though Ryan and Molly dated in 2009, she is one of Joe’s followers. As the episode comes to an end, she shows up at Joe’s compound and they greet each other with warm smiles and huge hugs.


With Claire now at the compound, Roderick is eager to get their “plan” under way. The FBI finds a “training ground” for newbie followers.