TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 113 - 'Havenport'



the followingThe Following Episode 113
Written By: David Wilcox & Vincent Angell 
Directed By: Nicole Kassell
Original Airdate: 15 April 2013

In This Episode...

The FBI is now in Havenport, Maryland, working with the local sheriff’s office, which is of course led by Roderick. Mike recognizes Roderick the moment he sees him and draws his gun. The local cops see Mike as a threat and tackle him while Roderick escapes.

Roderick goes straight to Joe, in a panic. He wants Joe to enact the backup plan, something about the cult splitting up into small splinter cells and going into hiding. Joe will have none of this. “It’s not time to leave yet.” When the men see Ryan on the news, offering full immunity to any cult member who comes forward, Roderick becomes agitated, paranoid, and the two men choke each other. Upon their mutual release, Roderick runs from Joe’s study and leaves the house. On the way out, he passes Claire and Joey, who make a concerted effort not to look at him. Roderick turns back, shoves Claire to the ground, and grabs Joey on an impulse. He drives away with the boy in the backseat. 

Claire goes to Joe in hysterics - Joe actually smacks her to quiet her down. He’s having a really bad day. He sends out Jacob - with a couple cult goons - to find Joey, since Joey trusts him. He wants Joey brought back to him unharmed, but wants Roderick dead. “Make him suffer, if possible.” Before they leave, Claire pulls Jacob aside and appeals to his compassionate side: “Take Joey far from here, leave him someplace the police will find him.”

Roderick - real name Tim Nelson - pays an unexpected visit to Betty, a waitress at a crab shack who knew him under the name Tim. He has a gun and is clearly unbalanced, and makes her drive. Joey is not with him. Betty grows increasingly nervous as they approach a police checkpoint. Roderick and Betty hand over their IDs (his fake, of course) but the cop asks Roderick to step out of the car. He does - and shoots both cops dead. Betty is losing her shit and continues to drive out of fear for her own life. She pulls over and gets out of the car at some point, just as authorities surround them. Betty screams that she is the victim, and after a pat down she is taken away as such. Roderick weighs his options and decides he only has one: surrender.

In custody, Roderick tries to strike a deal with Ryan: he will take him to Joey, and in exchange Roderick walks away a free man. Ryan insists on proof that he has Joey, so they call Joe. The caller ID shows Roderick’s number, so Joe is surprised to hear Ryan on the other end. Joe tries to hide the fact that he is slowly coming unglued, but it doesn’t work so well. He confirms that Roderick took his son, and warns that if anything untoward happens to Joey, he will personally peel Roderick’s skin off. Ryan hangs up, to “let Joe sweat,” and Joe is clearly shaken by this.

Nick refuses to deal with a madman. So Ryan goes back into the interrogation room, turns off the cameras, and agrees to Roderick’s terms. Once Ryan has the kid, he will personally drive Roderick past the police barricades out of town, where he is on his own. Ryan steals the FBI hat and jacket off a young agent who happens by, and sneaks Roderick out of the station. Roderick insists that Ryan leave his gun and cell phone behind; Ryan agrees with some hesitance. As they pull out, they pass Jacob and his goons, who follow.

The two drive to a small house in the middle of nowhere. Once they are inside, the trunk of the car pops open - Mike had been hiding inside the whole time. He is fully armed and calls Debra and Nick to put them on alert, but not to move in just yet. Inside the house, Ryan finds Joey in a closet - bound but unharmed. Roderick pulls out a gun he had hidden in the house, and Mike pulls his own weapon on him. The men face off - then Roderick drops, shot multiple times through the sliding glass door - not by the FBI. Ryan figures out that this must be Joe’s guys, so he sends Mike to find someplace safe for Joey while he deals with Joe’s goons. Joey hides out in a bedroom (where he trips over the corpse of the homeowner) and Mike joins the fight. The guys take out the two generic goons, and Jacob takes off with Joey. Ryan follows them into the woods and the two standoff behind trees. Ryan tries to reason with Jacob, remind him that he cares about Joey and that the cult is no place for a boy. Ryan creeps forward and finally pounces on Jacob’s hiding spot. Jacob is gone - but Joey is there. Ryan scoops him up and takes him to the fleet of cops that have swarmed the area. “You’re Ryan Hardy. Mom said you were one of the good guys.”

Emma goes to see Joe, but he is distracted by all the other shit that is falling apart in his plan. She makes a move on Joe, who puts the kibosh on it immediately. He blames her for Joey being kidnapped (“It was your job to protect him”) and reminds her harshly that their “relationship” is just sex. Claire watches Joey’s rescue on the news, overwhelmed with relief. She is the next woman who pays a visit to Joe. For what it’s worth, Joe is turning his no-good, very-bad day productive, writing fervently. He doesn’t want to be distracted by Claire, but she has an offer for him he can’t refuse: let Joey go, and she will stay with him, do whatever he says, and try to learn to love him again. They lean in to kiss, and Claire stabs him in the gut with a knife. He throws her across the room and thugs come to drag Claire out, leaving the badly-bleeding Joe doubled over in pain. With the wound poorly bandaged and a stiff drink in his hand (nothing goes better with a gaping wound than blood-thinning alcohol) Joe calls Ryan to alert him that Claire is no longer the “leading lady.” It is time for her to die. Ryan can hear in his voice that Joe has been wounded.

A woman comes into the police station to take Ryan up on his offer for immunity. After she has been thoroughly searched, Ryan, Debra, and Nick take her into the back. The woman jumps on Nick’s back and stabs him in the eye with her hairpin before she is thrown to the floor and shot dead. It is kind of a weird place to end the show, because it was weirdly undramatic. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This show is exhausting. When I sit down to write my recap, and I think back over the last hour, it all feels like a repeat of the week before and the week before that. And yet, during the episode, I am wholly engulfed in the show. I am transfixed. I cannot look away. It is so engrossing - but logically, I know it is rather rote storytelling. But I am totally hooked. I did really like the device of Ryan taking Roderick out of the station, but it all being a setup - it’s about time they started playing on the cult’s level.

I am looking forward to the final two episodes. I think that the show has to go in a significantly different direction for the second season, and it looks like Kevin Williamson is ready to do that.


Two more episodes left in the season. The cult is unravelling. Normally this would mean a mass suicide is the plan, but not with Joe’s cult. It looks like a stand-off and refugee center are in the cult’s cards.