TV Recap: 'Fringe' Episode 408 - 'Back to Where You've Never Been'


Fringe Episode 408

"Back to Where You've Never Been"

Written By: David Fury and Graham Roland

Directed By: Jeannot Szwarc

Original Airdate: 13 January 2012

In This Episode...

Peter decides his only chance at getting back to his time stream is via the infernal machine. He goes to Walter, but Walter steadfastly refuses to help. "I lost everything for helping another Peter. I cannot help you." 

The only other choice is for Peter to go to Walternate. He convinces Lincoln and Olivia to help him get to the other universe, convinced that, since Lincoln is the team leader over there, he can sneak Peter to Liberty Island with little trouble. Lincoln doesn't like the idea, but Olivia calms his nerves by hinting that they can use him to get at Walternate's secret files and perhaps reveal his involvement with the influx of shapeshifters.

On the other side, Lincoln claims that he has a high-priority, top-secret prisoner (the guard at Liberty Island doesn't seem too bothered by the fact that this "secret prisoner" was only secured by a pair of handcuffs, and Lincoln held him by the scruff of his jacket). They make it past the checkpoint and are waiting for the ferry, but when the guard reports Lincoln's Show Me as missing, this universe's Lincoln is notified, and it takes mere minutes before he and Fauxlivia swarm the dock and take Peter and our Lincoln into custody. The guards driving their transport vehicle were instructed to kill them in what appeared to be an escape attempt. Both guards end up dead (one at the hand of his partner; the other by Lincoln) and the guys split up so that Peter can get away. Fauxlivia and their Lincoln capture our Lincoln, but he manages to convince Fauxlivia that this is all a setup. Their Lincoln (Blincoln?) goes along with her reluctantly, and she tries to check up on Lincoln's story before turning him over to Broyles.

Meanwhile, Peter has gone to the Bishop home. Elizabeth Bishop comes home to find the door ajar and pushes a panic button. Peter reveals himself and begs for her help. It takes only a moment for her to look into his eyes and realize this is Peter - which is, of course, what he was counting on. He explains that he is not "her" Peter, but she doesn't care. That motherly instinct kicks in and she vows to do whatever she can to help him. The guards come in, responding to the alarm, and she convinces them to transport them directly to her husband - in secret.

At the DOD, Walternate puts on his happy face - until he asks his wife for the room. Peter tells Walternate to drop the act. He wants nothing from either side; he just wants to go home. He know about the shifters on our side, he knows that Fringe believes Walternate is behind them, but  "this isn't my fight," he insists. All the while, Walternate is assembling a worrisome device that looks like it would go hand in hand with the shifter hard disk. He calls in Brandon to ask if he thought Walternate could be behind the shifters. He of course says no, and Walternate shoots him with weird weapon. Brandon drops. Walternate explains to Peter that he had long thought Brandon was a shifter. Shooting him with that device would stun any shifter; it would kill a human. Walternate promises he would help Peter if he delivers a message to our side: "I am not their enemy. Whoever is doing this is a threat to both universes." He trusts Peter because he is neutral; he has no alliance. But really, I think it is because Peter is his "son."

The other side's Broyles makes a call to David Robert Jones (yup, he's back). "They are on their way to you," he tells him, referring to Fauxlivia and Lincoln.

Back at our side, Olivia is trying to nap at the opera house, which is where Peter and Lincoln crossed over. Suddenly, the Observer appears before her, saying everything she says at the exact same time. Finally, he breaks the shadow act. "I have looked at all possible futures," he tells her. "There is only one possible outcome: you have to die." She sees he has been shot, and turns to get her keys to take him to the hospital. When she looks back, he is gone.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig. I heart Fringe; I am so glad it is back. This was a "middle" episode. Not much happened other than getting the characters from point A to point B so they can end up at point C. But Fringe does those middle episodes so well, it doesn't come across boring or stale. We haven't even gotten Peter back to his time stream yet, and I am already eager to know what the next story arc will be. If this were a cartoon, I would say that I want to see Peter jump in and out of different time streams. But it's not. So maybe next we can delve more into who the Observers are. It seems natural. On what plane or universe do they exist? What happens if you shoot an Observer?

Walter Babble

The episode opens on a dream sequence, where Peter is back in the domestic bliss of his time stream. Walter is making chocolate chip banana pancakes, and is topless but for a frilly apron that, frankly, was a little disturbing. Back in the real world, Walter is "experimenting" with rainbow pinwheels and a hair dryer.

In The Other Universe...

Our Lincoln steps on to the street in the other universe, surprised at how much it looks like our universe. Then he is dumbstruck by the sight of the Twin Towers, still standing. Peter has to drag him away physically.


So David Robert Jones is back, and he is colluding with Broyles. Well, he does have a serial killer name, so that is no surprise.