TV Recap: 'Fringe' Episode 410 - 'Forced Perspective'


Fringe Episode 410

"Forced Perspective"

Written By: Ethan Gross

Directed By: David Solomon

Original Airdate: 27 January 2012

In This Episode...

Emily is a young girl with a penchant for drawing and painting. She also has a tendency to see horrible, tragic deaths. She first started having these visions at age 11. She was in a pet store with her mom and heard a weird hum. Like a dream, she saw the clerk have a heart attack just before it actually happened. At first, her parents tried to seek help for her, but it resulted in Massive Dynamic experimenting on her. They finally got her back, but have been running from Massive Dynamic ever since.

Olivia and Lincoln come across Emily after she predicts a businessman's death at a construction site. She drew his death for him in the hopes that he could avoid his death or at least do something positive with his remaining time. When Olivia finally meets the girl, there is a special kinship between them, both having been "victims" of Massive Dynamic. Her father, Jim, is overly protective of Emily and is upset when Emily talks to the FBI. Emily has another vision, this one that shows the death of many, and is so scared she decides she can trust Olivia, and agrees to go to Walter's lab. 

Peter guides Walter (who doesn't think he can do it) through hypnotizing Emily in hopes that she will be able to remember more of her vision and identify where the event is taking place. With Peter's help, they identify the location as a courthouse; after running Emily's sketch through face recognition software, they discover the man who prompted her vision was named Albert Duncan.  Putting these two pieces together, they decide it is the Allston courthouse, where Duncan recently lost his children in a custody battle.

At the courthouse, the FBI finds a massive amount of explosives in a pick-up truck parked beneath the courthouse. The bomb squad worries that it could take hours to disarm, but Peter notices that the trigger is on a radio frequency, and has the entire squad set their radios to that frequency, in effect rendering Duncan's trigger useless. So when Liv finally corners Duncan, and he pushes the button - nothing happens. Duncan has a backup plan: he is wearing explosives (I have no clue how he got through courthouse security with that vest on). Liv manages to talk him down and they take him into custody peacefully.

Emily, having since been taken home by her father, who insists that the family must leave town right away, goes missing. Olivia knows where to find her: on a bench by a lake, where they first met. Emily is in fact there. She is pale and cold and her breathing is shallow. Beside her is one of her death drawings, featuring her and her father on that bench, Olivia standing off to the side. She has known for some time that this is how she dies, chalks it up to god's will, and dies peacefully. It turns out she had a massive stroke. Her brain was overloaded by electrical impulses - it was her gift that killed her.

Also: Olivia's migraines are becoming an issue. Broyles is worried about her because health services has reported she has come in more than usual for treatment and drugs. Olivia at one point confronted Nina angrily over her treatment of Emily, worried she was repeating the abuses that Olivia had gone through as a child. By the episode's end, Nina comes by Olivia's apartment and they both apologizes. Liv gets one of her migraines and Nina jumps up to make her some soup - and promises to send over some new migraine drugs that Massive Dynamic has been working on.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a quiet episode. It was soft-spoken, subtle, and emotional. Yet somehow, it did not feel out-of-place for an episode of Fringe. The girl, Emily, played her role perfectly. I was a little annoyed that Olivia keep dancing around the question of her own death with her. She was desperate to find out if Emily saw or felt anything about her death, yet was too afraid to ask her outright. It reminded me of a girl hanging around the popular boy at school, trying to get attention without seeming too eager.

Walter Babble

Walter was in surprisingly little of this episode (this one was more about the girls). At the start of the episode, Olivia comes to the lab, hearing rumors that Walter is working with Peter and just had to see it for herself. Walter assures her that his work with Peter will in no way impede his work with Fringe. Peter apologizes for him. "He's wired up today. He's already electrocuted himself three times." To which Walter adds: "I can't feel my urine response. I better go empty my bladder just in case."

 Pseudo Science

Walter thinks Emily is proof of a theory that he and Bell came up with, that traumatic future events can cause a ripple back through time, like vibrations. He believes that Emily's brain is "tuned" to those vibrations - that is probably the hum she hears.


"Over there" Fringe comes to our universe when they need help fighting a "weapon from another time."