TV Recap: 'Fringe' Episode 414 - 'The End of All Things'


Fringe Episode 414

"The End of All Things"

Written By: David Fury

Directed By: Jeff Hunt

Original Airdate: 24 February 2012

In This Episode...

Nina and Olivia are sitting together in a cell... but Nina is also sitting in an interrogation room at Fringe division, where biometric logs indicate she checked into the Cortexiphan storage more frequently than she claims. She suggests she is a victim of shapeshifters, and immediately lawyers up.

The Nina that is with Olivia is separated from her and put in an adjoining room, tied to a torturous device that looks like bed springs if they were created by Jigsaw. The screen is lifted, allowing Olivia a clear view of Nina. Jones comes to Olivia with that wooden box filled with lights. Like he did in another timeline, a few seasons ago, Jones wants Olivia to activate the lights with her brain - and will electrocute Nina in order to invoke the emotional response needed. It doesn't work, and she is dumped back in the cell with Olivia. Olivia can only remember bits and pieces of her childhood and asks Nina to fill in the blanks for her in hopes of rebuilding that emotional connection. Olivia is frustrated - the only one who has ever given her intense enough emotions was Peter.

Meanwhile, Peter is getting nowhere fast on locating Oliva. He has been trying to get data off the spy camera from her apartment. He finally gets a faded, blurry image which Broyles sends through facial recognition software. This is Leland Spivey, who we know as one of Jones's goons - but he died three years ago. The break in the case comes when September shows up in the lab, still bloody and weak from his gunshot wound. "She needs you," he tells Peter. Then he collapses. Walter works on stabilizing September, but he is septic, so it is only a matter of time. Peter is convinced that September holds the key to Olivia's whereabouts. He insists that Walter merge their brainwaves so he can communicate with "Mr. X." Walter is nervous, because if Mr. X dies with Peter in his mind, Peter may be dead as well.

Peter opens his eyes and is inside September's mind: a greenhouse floating in a swirling cosmos. Kinda cheesy, but what are you going to do, have him climb through grey matter? September greets Peter, explains that the name September is merely a "code designation given to members of our scientific team." I'm just going to let September fill you in: "We are you - human - many generations after your lifetime, one of countless possible futures. Our technology has allowed us to travel within and outside of time to observe our beginnings. I have done more than observe, and I am attempting to rectify my mistake." September showed up in Walter's lab while he was working on a cure for the young Peter. He actually had the cure, but was distracted by September and missed the crucial apex of the chemical reaction, and thought that his formula didn't work. In his attempts to set things right, he caused "further erosion." "It brought about a child that was not meant to be. Your son. Henry, born to the wrong Olivia. This would have irrevocably changed what was to come. When you went into that machine, Henry ceased to exist." Peter's eyes get all glazed as swirly images of Henry pop up in the cosmos - he feels a bond to this child he didn't know existed at one point in human existence. With Peter back in physical form, September suspects that Peter will be the one to put things right. "She is the one. You and Olivia together will set things right. They are coming for me - you need to go. Go home." Peter wakes up, back in Walter's lab. September convulses and blinks out of existence. He is frustrated that September didn't tell him where Olivia was, but is adamant that September told him, over and over, to go to "my time and my Olivia" (he didn't say that at all) and that he needs to "Go home." Peter finally puts together that September meant to literally go home. He does, and Leland is waiting there for him. With another goon, they knock Peter out and take him to where Olivia is being held.

Back in the prison, after her little heart-to-heart with Olivia, Nina convulses in pain and Liv convinces the guards to treat her so she can help Olivia with Jones's little magic trick. They take her out on a gurney, and in the privacy of the hallway, she jumps up, 100% healthy and in cahoots with Jones, telling him that Olivia needs Peter for her telekinesis to work.

So Nina is strapped back to the electric device, feigning unconsciousness, and Peter is tied to a chair. The divider lifts, and Olivia can see the change of hostage. Peter has a knife to his throat, and Olivia focuses again on the lights. This time it works, and she turns on one, then several, then all of them. But she has really harnessed her power by now, and she starts to make all the lights in the bunker flicker. She knew that Nina was lying to her - all that reminiscing about her childhood was a test, and Nina failed. This is not her Nina. Olivia makes the lights explode, charring Leland to death and sending Jones and Nina scurrying for safety. Olivia frees Peter and the they give chase. Olivia is weak and dizzy, but she hangs in just long enough to watch not-Nina and Jones make it through a portal into the other dimension.

Peter calls the paramedics for Liv and helps her outside. He believes that Olivia "lost control" of her powers because of her proximity to him. "At the gas station, you were ready to come home with me, and I was ready to think that was okay. But it was a mistake, one I promised I would never make again," Peter tells her. Olivia insists that she is "his" Olivia, but Peter cannot believe that. "I know my Olivia in my timeline is out there. I let myself forget that. I'm sure Walter can fix you [just what every girl wants to hear] but I need to stay away." As soon as the paramedics arrive, he leaves a heartbroken Olivia in their care.

Dig It or Bury It?

A few things. One, the ol' Nina switcheroo was painfully obvious. The moment Broyles showed her the biometric logs, I knew exactly what was going on. Two, I felt like all the stuff September told Peter was stuff we already knew - just summed up in an easy-to-digest Cliffs Notes format. Three, Peter is still missing the point. After he wakes, he is adamant that September is telling him to go find his Olivia in his timeline, and he essentially "leaves" Olivia. September says none of this. He merely says "You and Olivia will set things right." So all I can infer from this is that Peter is going to screw things up further before the season ends. I still firmly maintain that "this" is Peter's timeline. He is so paranoid about being with the "wrong" Olivia that I don't know if he will ever find who he believes, in his mind, is the "right" one. I kind of want to slap Peter right now.

Walter Babble

Walter has created a new taste sensation: Toast. Butter. Rainbow sprinkles. Maybe now, restaurants will put rainbow sprinkles on the tables next to the salt and pepper.


Olivia is falling more and more in love with Peter, and she wants Walter to "make her who she was" - I am not sure if that is who she was before Peter showed up, but she was giving eyes to Lincoln, so I have to imagine that is the direction she wants to head in. Peter is still determined to "go home" and September left him a little parting gift.