TV Recap: 'Fringe' Episode 417 - 'Everything in Its Right Place'

Fringe Episode 417

"Everything in Its Right Place"

Story By: J.R. Orci & Matthew Pitts

Teleplay By: J.R. Orci & David Fury

Directed By: David Moxness

Original Airdate: 6 April 2012

In This Episode...

It's "grazing day" for Jean, and Lincoln hasn't exactly been invited on the annual trip to take Walter's cow out to a pasture for the day. He is feeling left out, especially because Olivia has forgotten many of her Lincoln-related memories. o he offers to take Astrid's place in the other universe, filling in the team there on Jones's activities.

On the other side, Lincoln joins Fauxlivia in the field. They have found a body in a parking lot that shows signs of being killed by a shifter. The shifter, Canaan, killed this dude when he attacked a woman in the parking lot. This was the first body Fringe division had found - but they soon found more. Eleven previously-contained zones are in the process of being reopened, and in one of them, some techs find evidence of "organic tissue." Following their electronic testing device, they find a pile of bodies in the basement of an abandoned church, all in various stages of putrid decay. Fringe finds 18 bodies, but 19 heads. When Lincoln retrieves a locket from one of the bodies, her head tilts to the side, and Lincoln sees holes in the roof of her mouth. He follows his hunch, and sure enough, Astrid finds surveillance footage of the dead woman - two days after her death.

Fringe division gets a lead when a junkie calls in, saying a man attacked his friend in their crackhouse. Over-there Lincoln (I have no idea what we are calling him) organizes teams to surround the house and find Canaan in the body of the junkie. Our Lincoln finds him, the two fight, and the shifter gets the upper hand. He had a clear shot, but decides not to take it. When the other Lincoln and his team surround the junkie, our Lincoln begs them not to shoot. Instead, Canaan is taken into custody.

Back at Fringe, Broyles alerts Nina that one of the shifters was captured. She promises to take care of it. Our Lincoln, still looking for answers, begs Fauxlivia for five minutes alone with Canaan. Ultimately, he doesn't get anything out of him, other than the fact that Jones promised he would be someone special; the first of a new race. While the team is transferring Canaan to another location, Nina "takes care of it" - she sends a sniper out to shoot Canaan. The sharp shooter isn't so sharp - he misses Canaan. Fauxlivia, however, makes an amazing shot and takes him out. Unfortunately, the sniper's bullet does shoot their Lincoln, but he assures everyone he is fine.

The sniper returns to Nina, assuring her that everything has been taken care of. He goes over to the computer system and within seconds, security bells go off. Canaan has taken the shooter's body and he lets Fringe division in the building. Nina runs, but is surrounded by helicopters when she makes it onto the roof. She surrenders and is taken into custody. Lincoln discovers what he believes to be a tracking system for all of Jones's shifters. Fauxlivia gets tragic news: her Lincoln is dead. Our Lincoln takes Canaan to our universe and introduces him to Peter and Walter, promising that they will help him regain his life. But rather than stay, Lincoln goes back to the other universe. It seems that there is an opening for a new Lincoln in that universe, and a grieving Fauxlivia is all too eager to have that gap filled.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really didn't like how Lincoln was portrayed as sad and quite pathetic. It was kind of like, "You can't have Olivia in your universe, so we will let you hit on her in the other universe. We'll go ahead and get rid of your biggest competition: yourself. We will even give Fauxlivia a secret crush on her Lincoln so it will be even easier for you to swoop in and exploit her vulnerable state. It's a necessary plot move, though: Lincoln isn't part of the "original" Fringe timeline. With Peter back and Olivia remembering her "Peter" life, Lincoln's got to go.

Walter Babble

The episode opens with Walter, Peter, and Olivia preparing Jean for a day in the country, grazing in her favorite field. That just seems like proper animal care. The fun part comes in when they drape Jean in a gigantic, cow-sized FBI jacket - and top it off with a matching FBI cap.

In the Other Universe...

...They don't have Batman. When Fauxlivia tells Lincoln that there has been a string of vigilante attacks, he responds with, "Maybe Batman moved to the Bronx." To which Fauxlivia responds: "What is a Batman?" Lincoln is shocked, especially when the alternate Lincoln says the only superhero they have is Mantis. He mocks them, and Fauxlivia mocks him right back: "Nothing says ‘badass' like a flying rat."


Walter visits the other universe to assist them with a case, and Jones has a new victim.