TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 104 - 'Lonelyhearts'


Grimm Episode 104


Written By: Alan Difiore & Dan E. Fesman

Directed By: Michael Waxman

Original Airdate: 18 November 2011

In This Episode...

A woman is running across a bridge in the middle of night. Nightgown, no shoes, she is terrified, running from a giant insect monster hallucination. A car hits her, and the driver runs to her aid. So does a dark, shadowy mystery man. While the driver runs back to the car to call 911, the mystery man suffocates her quietly with his hand.

Hank and Nick investigate. The woman, Faith Collins, had glass shards in arm wounds that could not have come from the accident. She and her husband had a fight, she went to a bar; from there she took a cab to a B&B, the Bramble House. There was no evidence that Faith checked in or left, but the owner, Billy, does verify she was there. While in Billy's enchanted garden (not a euphemism) Hank squishes a toad that lives there (along with bunnies, butterflies, and parrots). Billy is deeply upset by this, and Nick momentarily sees him shift to a goat-face.

The guys return to put a tracer on his car. Billy exits a few minutes later and leaves on foot. Hank stays behind to look around while Nick follows Billy. Hank sees no broken windows from the outside, so he jumps the fence of the garden. He finds a shard of glass and looks up - it is directly beneath a window that Hank notices is open a crack. He climbs to it, enters, and discovers it has been freshly sealed. On his way outside, he hears noises through the vent, like a woman moaning. Heading into the basement, he neglects to notice the gas that has filled the room - until one of the posts on a four-poster bed turns into a cobra and lunges at him. He falls to the floor, and in a semi-conscious haze notices that the has landed in front of three caged women.

Nick, meanwhile, follows Billy to a bar, and pays Monroe to come and keep an eye on him. Billy is hitting on a lovely young woman, who is completely enamored with Billy. Monroe can only stay a few minutes - Billy's pheromones are too powerful, and even he was starting to fall for Billy's sweet talk. Billy leaves shortly thereafter, and Nick follows him back to the B&B. The woman shows up soon after, deciding she couldn't wait to see the enchanted garden (only part euphemism this time). Nick can no longer sit idly by, so he goes in and asks the woman to speak to her. On the porch, he tells her this is a police investigation, and she should leave. He goes back in. Billy is gone, so he goes looking for Hank and finds him in the basement. Nick shuts off the gas and Hanks starts to regain his senses, but Billy locks them in and turns the gas back on. Meanwhile, the girl has come back, but Billy is leaving town. She goes with him. The guys break out of the cellar, but Billy - and the girl - are gone.

Cops swarm the place, taking statements from the girls, and Hank finally remembers the tracker he put on Billy's car. They follow him to a large national park or something. Hank gives chase from one angle; Nick from the other. Billy runs into a dead end, considers for a moment, then morphs into his goat face, parkours down to street level - and is promptly hit by a car.

Also, a new reaper comes to town, looking for "the cop that killed my friend." The captain has Wu send him home, but the captain is waiting for the reaper. He gets a stern warning about coming into his town without permission, and not kneeling before him. The captain hacks off the reaper's eat with his own scythe, telling him that is so he remembers to listen, and sends him packing.

Dig It or Bury It? 

This episode had such an anti-climactic ending. Billy just leaves, the girls are saved, the end. But not quite. Hank finally remembers the tracer on the car, they find him, chase him, he gets hit by a car. That's the end (other than a hint that he is still up to his old tricks, with a female EMT). The cops are just glad he is off the street, but of course, those charges will never stick. All evidence - including the caged girls - is the result of an illegal search, and therefore not admissible in court. Hank had no probable cause to enter the house, and the glass he found in the garden was still private property, and not in plain sight. Yeah, I watch a lot of cop shows. It was just a kind of "oh, that's it" ending. Blah.

Big Bad...

...Ziegvolk, a goat-like creature who was often oafish yet irresistible to women (get it? Billy Goat. Haha). Monroe says they are generally actors, as they prefer being in the public eye. They are lovers, not fighters, and their main motive is just to spread their seed. They give off  pheromones that make them irresistible to women - just a touch and they are yours. When Nick mentions Billy's penchant for eating toads, Monroe identifies him as not just a breeder but a herder, which is exceedingly rare. He does not offer further details on this.

Fractured Fairytales

Monroe is scarcely in this episode, and he is really the only comic relief. He doesn't offer much, other than annoyance at Nick when he calls. "How did you get my new number?" "Are you kidding? I'm a cop." He agrees to help when he hears Nick will pay him - though his first offering is only enough to cover "a beer and half an onion ring."


The announcer-man says there are no new episodes until December - which is only a week away so it's not really a big deal. No previews, so I'm going to make something up. Let's say... Rumplestiltskin.