TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 108 - 'Game Ogre'


Grimm Episode 108

"Game Ogre"

Written By: Cameron Litvack and Thania St. John

Directed By: Terrence O'Hara

Original Airdate: 13 January 2012

In This Episode...

A hulking, crazed man who appears to be on PCP breaks into a home and beats a man to death. When the cops discover him, they discover he is a prominent judge. A print pulled from the scene leads them to a young Naval officer, also dead, and with his hand missing. A woman's watch on the corpse's wrist leads them to a recently retired ADA. Also dead.

Hank puts the pieces together. Many years ago, a man named Oleg Stark kidnapped and tortured the family of Jack Lambert (see where this is going?). Hank was the lead detective on the case. The attorney who tried the case, and the judge who sentenced him, were the two who were killed. Stark recently broke out of prison and now, it seems, he is looking for revenge. The captain keeps Hank in protective custody at the precinct - against Hank's strenuous objections. It seems that Stark suffers from rare genetic conditions that make his bones especially dense and severely desensitizes him to pain.

Stark busts into Nick's house while he is prepping dinner. He is looking for Hank and beats Nick senseless looking for the information. During the beating, he reveals his true monster face. Juliette comes home in the middle of the attack and throws a pot of boiling water on Stark. This pains him, and sends him running from the house. At the hospital, Nick is diagnosed with a concussion, some bruised ribs, and a dislocated shoulder. In other words, he'll live. He calls Monroe and describes the guy to him - Monroe says it sounds like an ogre. They are exceedingly difficult to kill. Luckily, Nick has just the weapon in his trailer. He sends Monroe for it: massive bullets dipped in special poison and fired out of an even bigger rifle.

Hank, tired of being a sitting duck, decides he wants to lure Stark into a trap. So Monroe follows Stark who is following Hank out into a clearing. Hank and Stark fight, and Hank's own rifle is no match for the hulk. Monroe is hiding in the brush, gets off his magic round, and takes the monster down.

Dig It or Bury It?

Although I can point to a number of big rough n' tumble action scenes, it also seemed like this was a very talkie episode. One thing that seemed very random was the young Naval officer whose hand was chopped off and used to plant prints on the judge's gavel. As far as I could figure out, he wasn't involved in sending Stark to prison, and Stark didn't exactly seem like the kind of genius who would worry about forensic countermeasures. Was it episode filler?

Big Bad...

... Siegbarste. In other words, an ogre. Monroe says they are very rare, but they are the worst. They take grudges to the grave. It is siegbarste gift, a very rare poison, that is the only thing that can take an ogre down. Luckily Nick's aunt left him a whole bottle of the stuff.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Monroe was really trying to bring the humor this week, but he didn't have much to work with. When Nick lets him know that he is bringing his partner over to Monroe's house, he says, "I get it. Be cool. Put on pants."


The monster community starts to suspect that Monroe has gone native.