TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 109 - 'Of Mouse and Man'


Grimm Episode 109

"Of Mouse and Man"

Written By: Alan DiFiore & Dan E. Fesman

Directed by: Omar Madha

Original Airdate: 20 January 2012

In This Episode...

A body turns up in a dumpster, stabbed through the neck. The victim, Lenny Drake, was a bully and a batterer. No one was upset to see him dead. He was last seen by Natalie, is abused girlfriend who was leaving him; Marty, the timid downstairs neighbor who tried to break up the fight; and Mason, the slick attorney who lives across the hall. A second body turns up, killed and disposed of in the same way. This victim was a mechanic, and just as mean and disliked as Drake. The cops naturally suspect Mason, but they realize Marty took his car into the now-dead mechanic a week before his murder. Marty has basically gone off the rails. He lived with his abusive father who died a few days prior. This caused the psychotic break that caused him to kill domineering men who reminded him of his father. By the time Nick and Hank show up to arrest him, he sees his father's face in every man, and is basically a quivering mass, destined for a life in a mental institution.

Monroe gets a call for a clock job that gets him very excited. When he arrives at the building, he finds it empty, a "For Lease" sign in the window. He sees an evil-looking female Grimm on the roof, and at least three big, shadowy men attack him and beat him to a pulp. When he comes to and hobbles back to his car, he sees a reaper's scythe painted on his car in his own blood.

Juliette arrives home and finds an old orange pick-up truck across the street. A man is in the driver's seat; a blonde woman takes pictures from the passenger seat. When they realize Juliette has seen them, they drive off. Juliette gets the license plate, and Nick runs it and promises to have someone check it out. Juliette takes it upon herself to check it out. She sees the blonde woman, playing tetherball in the front yard with a couple kids. When she sees Juliette across the street, she hustles the children inside, frightened.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was very interesting. The main storyline honestly had nothing to do with Grimm creatures. Marty was just a man in a psychotic break. I like this new Grimm cabal. It seems more natural, more organic than the whole thing with the captain and that blonde chick. That subplot seems to ebb and flow erratically, so I have totally lost interest in it. I am vaguely insulted that the producers thought the audience would automatically jump to the conclusion that it was the snakey guy doing the killings.

Big Bad...

... Lousenslanga (these spellings are killing me), a big snake-like monster. In his human life, he is a personal injury lawyer - seems kind of obvious.

Also featured tonight is the maushurd, essentially a packrat. According to Monroe, these are timid, gentle creatures who avoid conflict and generally keep to themselves.

Fractured Fairy Tales

At the first crime scene, Lenny is found face-down. With the photos taken the cops roll him over, and they discover the huge screwdriver in his throat. "What do you think killed him?" muses Wu.


Some bad-ass scary chick is eating people. Good times, all around.