TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 111 - 'Tarantella'


Grimm Episode 111


Written By: Alan DiFiore

Directed By: Peter Werner

Original Airdate: 10 February 2012

In This Episode...

Nick and Hank catch a peculiar case (aren't they all peculiar?) in which the victim has been desiccated. The M.E. shows that the victim has been forced to ingest a highly corrosive spider venom that liquifies their organs, then seems to be drained dry via a bite mark on the torso. The perp lost her finger in one of these attacks, and the prints match crime scenes in Albuquerque and Phoenix. They follow a pattern: three murders in a few days, every five years.

The perp is a lovely young wife and mother named Lena. She does not want to devour these men, but she feels she has no choice. She is a spinnetod, essentially a Black Widow spider of the Grimm world, who has a routine in which she consumes the liquified organs of men in order to stave off rapid aging. After each kill, Lena steals a piece of jewelry off the victim (apparently spinnetods like the shinies). She stole a Rolex off one of her victims and gave it to her husband as a gift. When their daughter brought it to school to trade for a bike, the principal became concerned and called the police. The husband is arrested for possession of stolen goods, but Lena is all but dismissed from suspicion because she has all her fingers. But when the lab work comes back, Lena's prints, taken from the house, match that severed finger. And according to her timeline, she has one feeding left.

Nick and Hank track her to the marina, where she is seducing a man on a yacht. He goes on deck to investigate a strange noise, and Hank drags him out of harm's way. Nick moves in to capture Lena. She tries to feed off him, but he shoots her off. It slows her down, but doesn't stop her, and Nick is soon chasing her down the dock. He knocks her into a fishing net, which is apparently her "weakness," for she cannot get out. Her husband, who is himself a spinnetod, is in jail for possession of stolen goods, and their daughter - also a spinnetod - is sent to her grandparent's house. As for Lena, she is in jail - and aging very, very rapidly.

Dig It or Bury It?

Loved this episode. I feel like Grimm has found its footing. The characters have relaxed into their roles, and the producers seem to have a better grip on how they want to structure the show. It was nice to see Amy Acker (as Lena) on TV again, especially while not under Joss Whedon's thumb. She looked gorgeous; the perfect femme fatale.  

Big Bad...

...Spinnetod. Like the Black Widow spider, a spinnetod kills after she mates. Drinking the liquified organs of her victim prevents rapid aging. The spinnetod is based off an ancient Japanese legend, the "death spider." According to Monroe, they are not truly considered part of the Grimm "phylum."

Fractured Fairy Tales

There wasn't much by way of humor tonight. Monroe is making sausage just like grandma made - well, not just like grandma made. Her's was made of whatever scraps of meat were lying around; Monroe's is vegetarian.

Grimm and Gross

Lena vomits directly into her victims's mouths. Blargh.


It's a cage match, Grimm-style.