TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 115 - 'Island of Dreams'

Grimm Episode 115

"Island of Dreams"

Written By: Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt

Directed By: Rob Bailey

Original Airdate: 30 March 2012

In This Episode...

Adalind and the captain decide it is time to put their nefarious plan into motion. The plan is to get to Nick through Hank. Adalind bakes up a batch of cookies for Hank that contain her blood, his blood, a powerful spell, and chocolate chips. It is designed to make Hank obsessed with her - and it works. After eating one, he begins to hallucinate images of her everywhere.

Meanwhile, the guys have an actual case. A couple of junkies kill Freddy, the spice shop owner, during a robbery gone bad. The kids were looking for J, an herb that is poisonous to humans but like "meth mixed with rat poison" for Wesen. Freddy's next of kin, Rosalie, comes to town to pack up the shop. She is surprised to find Nick is a Grimm, but accepts it, especially after Monroe vouches for him. That night, the junkies return for the J they dropped during their first attempt. They find Rosalie hiding in the basement, and a struggle ensues. Rosalie escapes and makes an ID to Nick. Nick puts a protection detail on her - she insists that it be Monroe, and Monroe certainly doesn't mind.

While Monroe is Wesen-sitting, Nick and Hank got a tip on where the junkies are hiding out. The junkies escape, largely due to the fact that Hank is distracted by another hallucination of Adalind. Nick gets a call from Monroe with a situation at the herb shop. It seems that Wu ate one of Hank's magic cookies, and since it wasn't spelled for him, he had an adverse reaction: giant, oozing pustules and unconsciousness. Rosalie had seen an illness like this before, once, at her parents' apothecary shop. She whips up a treatment for Wu, which works, but he needs to sleep it off. He wakes the next morning, back in his home, with Nick keeping an eye on him. But when Nick leaves, Wu decides he is hungry - and starts snacking on his sofa cushions.

With the junkies still nowhere to be found, Rosalie offers some insight. She used to be a junkie. After seven years sobriety, she still knows where the addicts hang out, and hooks Monroe and Nick up with invites to a drug party. Much like an opium den, the "party" is a huge warehouse with individual red tents set up, each tent containing a cluster of burnouts smoking, shooting, and snorting whatever they can. Nick and Monroe find the suspects. One shoots, which empties out the club in a panic. Nick gets one of the suspects under control, and Monroe follows the other outside. This junkie pulls a gun on Monroe, but Rosalie sneaks up and saves him by knocking him out with a brick.

Dig It or Bury It?

I would have preferred this episode focused more on Adalind and the captain's plot than this silly junkie storyline. There was nothing interesting about it. Other than the fact that they smoked their drugs out of a horn, they weren't any different from a meth addict. Their Wesen faces were about as scary as a meth head's scabby face.

Big Bad...

...Skalengeck. These lizardy creatures have forked tongues and are apparently drug addicts. Really, really dull drug addicts.

Grimm and Gross

While Wu is hallucinating under the effects of the magic cookies, he believes Nick's skin is melting off his skull. It's a super-digital effect, but the intention is good. And of course, let's not forget he ate bloody cookies. Ew.


Nick and Juliette go for a romantic vacation - which you know won't end well. And shock of shocks, Monroe starts dating Rosalie.