TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 116 - 'The Thing with Feathers'

Grimm Episode 116

"The Thing with Feathers"

Written By: Richard Hatem

Directed By: Darnell Martin

Original Airdate: 6 April 2012

In This Episode...

Juliette and Nick are headed for a romantic weekend getaway in the country. Upon arriving, they realize that their new next-door neighbor, Tim ("next door" being down the road a ways, but still in eyesight) is abusing his wife, Robin. Nick sees Tim's Wesen face. Juliette gets a bad feeling from the house, and when she sees the couple in the front yard, fighting violently, she insists Nick do something. All he can really do is call the local police. The sheriff comes out, but leaves without arresting Tim. A late-night call to Monroe reveals that Tim is likely a Klausteich. A Klausteich stole Monroe's high school girlfriend from him, so he is totally game to take one down if need be.

The next day, Juliette runs into Robin at the supermarket. She introduces herself and slips Robin Nick's card, and tells her to call if she needs anything. Robin has been conspiring with Gary, a stock boy, to help get her out of town. Their first attempt, the night before, was thwarted when Gary had car trouble. They will try again tonight. Of course, Tim is in the market and knows that some shit is going on. Before they leave, Nick sees that Robin is also a Wesen, a bird Wesen. He calls it in to Monroe (who is helping Rosalie set up her brother's shop). Both are surprised to hear about Robin's breed, as it was thought to be extinct. She is essentially the goose that laid the golden egg, except instead of coming out of her butt (or wherever eggs come out of), the stone grows in her throat and will choke her to death if not removed.

That night, Tim gets a call for a ride from a friend, and leaves. Robin doesn't hesitate; she takes off for escape attempt #2. Nick and Juliette see her leave and become concerned. Nick follows. Robin finds Gary - he has already been killed, and Tim is waiting to take her. He drags her home roughly, and Nick, again, follows. He finds them in the basement, with Robin hooked up to a force-feeding machine. The guys struggle; Nick knocks Tim out a window and unhooks Robin from the device. He takes her back over to his place, but Tim and the Sheriff (who is Tim's brother and in on the whole kidnap thing) follow. Nick and Robin take off through the back while Juliette tries to avoid Tim and the Sheriff while going out the front.

The chase continues into the woods. Robin collapses - the stone in her throat has gotten so big she can't breathe. Nick calls up Rosalie on FaceTime, shows her what is going on, and she and Monroe walk him through the proper way to extract the stone in her throat. Where Nick found wi-fi signal in the middle of the forest, I will never know. He C-sections it out of her before it crushes her windpipe. Robin doesn't want it, but Tim and the Sheriff still do, and they hold Nick at gunpoint for the "egg." Nick holds their wallets at gunpoint, so to speak, as he threatens to smash the egg - it is worthless if broken. Juliette surprises the guys with the gun that Nick gave her, and while she doesn't shoot them specifically, she stays to cover the Sheriff while Tim takes off with the golden egg. His own greed trips him - Tim falls and breaks the egg into dust.

Back at home, in a scene that felt awkwardly tacked-on, Nick proposes to Juliette. She turns him down because she feels like he is keeping secrets from her. She won't marry him until he lets her back in. Awkward...

Also: Hank is getting more obsessed with Adalind. He sits outside her house and watches as she ignores his phone calls. A man pays her a visit, stays for a few hours, then leaves. Hank threatens him as he leaves. The guy goes to the captain - it was all a setup to see how deep in Hank really is. He is hooked enough that the captain tells Adalind to accept his next phone call and take things to the next level. She accepts his invitation of dinner.

Dig It or Bury It?

It makes me nervous that Juliette turned down Nick's proposal. I worry now that a lot of the show will now focus on the pair trying to rebuild their fractured relationship. And no one wants to see that crap. I really liked this episode, otherwise. The show has finally found it's stride, and has figured out a way to blend one-off tales with the overarching story.

Big Bad...

...Klausteich. This alley cat-like Wesen is attractive to the ladies, but has a tendency to be violent, abusive, and controlling. A Klausteich stole Monroe's high school girlfriend, got her knocked up, she gave birth to his "litter" at prom, then promptly took off - but not before slashing up her face.

Robin is a Seltenvogel, a rare bird Wesen who is thought by many to be extinct. Seltenvogel, once in their life, get a mineral deposit in their throat. This deposit is primarily gold, extremely valuable, but only if you don't let it crumble. It hardens and grows under the skin in the throat, and must be surgically removed - carefully - to prevent turning it to dust.


Nick discovers Hank is dating the woman who tried to kill Aunt Marie.