TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 117 - 'Love Sick'


Grimm Episode 117

"Love Sick"

Written By: Catherine Butterfield

Directed By: David Solomon

Original Airdate: 13 April 2012

In This Episode...

Captain Renard is taken at gunpoint by an old friend to meet his cousin in an empty car park. The purpose of this meeting is to "move things along." Cousin threatens Renard to get him the key (the one aunt Marie gave Nick before she died) or he will take the Grimm and find it himself. Renard doesn't take kindly to threats and shoots both men, making it look like a business deal gone wrong. However, he does tell Adalind to step things up a bit with Hank.

Juliette and Nick meet Hank and his new lady friend for dinner. Nick is horrified to discover Adalind is Hank's new girlfriend. He is even more horrified by how obsessed Hank is with Adalind. When it begins to affect Hank's ability to focus at work, Nick calls in the big guns: Monroe and Rosalie. With their help, the trio decide Hank's issues are related to Wu's boil attack. Rosalie thinks she has a cure, and mixes it up. They first try it out on Wu, who is still eating things he shouldn't be eating. He is cured almost immediately. Encouraged, the trio head to Adalind's house, where Hank is having a romantic dinner with her. Adalind is nowhere to be found; Hank is passed out, naked, in her bed. He is comatose, a "mental coma" as Rosalie put it. Hank's pupils are red, which is a sign that the deathly obsession is complete (what a way to go). The cure that Rosalie cooked up will no longer work on Hank. Nick's only hope is to kill Adalind. But not kill kill. And it has to be the blood of a Grimm (yeah, I know, convoluted).

So Nick meets Adalind in the forest. She offers to break her hold on Hank in exchange for Nick's aunt's key. He refuses, and the two start fighting. Nick pins Adalind and starts kissing her. She bites him to get him off, and he bleeds. The blood Adalind consumes forces out the Wesen in her; basically she is a normal human being now. Hank is cured, and wakes anew. 

Powerless, Adalind is shunned by the Wesen community - including her own mother. Nick still has the key and has figured out that it is not for a lock; it is more of a cryptographer's trick. When dipped in ink and pressed to paper, the ornate key left an imprint on the paper. It's some kind of map.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am glad to see the story moving along swiftly. I didn't like that this conspiracy was set up in episode one, then mostly abandoned until more than halfway through the season. A few logistical issues plagued me. For one, if Adalind knew what happened if she consumed Grimm blood, why would she bite him? She obviously knew, and she was obviously strong enough to fight him off. Second, I'm not sure why the spell would cause Wu to eat foreign objects. Of all the side effects, why that one?

Fractured Fairy Tales

Nick goes to Monroe (of course) for advice on Hank's new hexenbiest girlfriend. "Could she have done something to Hank?" Nick enquires. "Hells yeah - that's what they do! Rosalie would know. But she's probably asleep now... not that that ever bothered you."


A Wesen war is coming. Maybe they should hook up with the Game of Thrones characters - war is coming over there, too.