TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 118 - 'Cat and Mouse'

Grimm Episode 118

"Cat and Mouse"

Written By: Jose Molina

Directed By: Felix Alcala

Original Airdate: 20 April 2012

In This Episode...

A man named Ian is being hunted across the country by a hitman. He kills the peon in St. Louis, but then the head honcho, a German named Edgar, picks up the chase and follows Ian to Portland. There, he loses the scent.

Edgar is part of the Verrat, an organization that is essentially like the Nazi party of the Wesen world. They believe in keeping the Wesen bloodlines pure, and in the 1930s held mass executions for anyone caught fraternizing with humans. The Verrat used to only be of concern to those still in the old country, but their influence is spreading. Ian is part of the resistance, called Lauffeur.

Ian hides out with Rosalie. He has been shot by Edgar, but evaded capture. Freddy was supposed to have fake passports for him to get out of the country (apparently leaving the country will make him safe...?) but he is dead, so Rosalie offers to help. Of course, she calls Monroe and he calls Nick.

Nick, meanwhile, has been hunting Ian. Edgar killed a bartender and left Ian's belongings behind, to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Since Edgar can't find Ian, he hoped the cops would lead him to him. When Monroe brings him in on Ian, there is tension, but of course, Nick decides to help. Edgar wants a meet with Nick: give me Ian within 24 hours, or the innocent bodies will start to pile up.

Rosalie goes to Reginald, a camera shop owner, to get Ian's false documents made. Before she had gotten there, Edgar paid him a visit and threatened his family, so when Rosalie showed up, he alerted Edgar, who hid out until she left with the documents, and followed her back to the safe house. He comes into the spice shop pretending to be a customer, but Rosalie is wise to him when she sees the note Reginald slipped into her envelope. Edgar holds her hostage, and calls Monroe. He has 15 minutes to bring him Ian, or Rosalie dies.

With no plan, Monroe and Ian head to the shop. Nick meets them there, and he goes in first. Monroe joins him, and the pair distract Edgar while Rosalie temporarily blinds him with ghost pepper. This gives Nick enough time to disarm Edgar. Ian runs in and grabs his gun, and despite Nick's best efforts, Ian shoots Edgar dead. He arrests Ian and hints to Monroe that he do something with the body (he dumps it in the woods so it looks like Ian killed him in self-defense). Rather than take Ian to jail, Nick takes him to the bus station with an envelope of cash, his new passport, and a warning to never return.

Dig It or Bury It?

I feel like there were some logic issues in tonight's episode. What kind of a hitman can't find his target? If Edgar was such a ruthless enforcer, I figured he would be a little better than that. If the Verrat were mostly a problem for the people in "the old country," why would getting Ian out of America make him safe? Pretty much every other country is older than the United States. Then there was all this talk about the seven royal families, which I assume will be touched upon in upcoming episodes. In general, I feel like the purpose of the Verrat is a little ambiguous. The only way I can put it in perspective is to associate them with Nazis. Also, continuing on this logic thread, I am confused as to where Nick and Juliette are in their relationship. He proposed, she said no, said she wanted more honestly, he cried, now everything is back to normal? Don't get me wrong - I sure as hell don't want a bunch of episodes dealing with their "feelings," but I want some sense of... I don't know, acknowledgement that things are different. 

Big Bad...

...Hundjager, which is what Edgar was. They are kind of like the Himmlers of the Third Reich. They are tenacious, vicious, and ruthless - it is said that they are birthed by chewing their way out of their mothers' wombs.

Fractured Fairytales

Nick has begun journalling in the trailer, picking up where Marie and his ancestors left off. It is kind of cute watching him try to write in a worldly and authoritative voice, as opposed to just calling a Wesen "mean."


Nick gets deeper into his heritage - and he finally starts playing with all the cool Grimm weapons at his disposal.