TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 119 - 'Leave It to Beavers'


Grimm Episode 119

"Leave It to Beavers"

Written By: Nevin Densham

Directed By: Holly Dale

Original Airdate: 27 April 2012

In This Episode...

Late at night, at an empty construction site, two Wesen get into a fight. Robert, the owner of the construction company, is being hassled by Salvatore (played by David Zayas from Dexter), a mob boss. The whole thing is witnessed by a young man named Arthur, who is terrified and narrowly escapes Salvatore's clutches. He hides in a friend's basement. However, at the scene, Arthur called 911, so the cops were able to get his ID off the call. The problem is, they can't find him.

In Arthur's trailer, Nick sees a photo of him with Bud and John, the man whose basement he is hiding in. Nick reaches out to Bud, who in turn finds where Arthur is hiding. Bud calls an emergency meeting of his beaver buddies at the lodge (in a dam, natch) and invites Nick to come plead his case. The beaver-like Eisbibers are too terrified to stand up to the mafioso Hasslich. Even after Nick speaks to the crowd and promises that this Grimm is on their side, they vote, and all but two people want Arthur to stay hidden. Arthur later overhears Bud and John talking about him; how they are ashamed that Arthur and the whole clan are such ‘fraidy cats, and Arthur decides to come forward. Nick is pleased when he shows up at the station, and promises protection.

Salvatore is nervous that the Grimm is on to him, so he does the only thing he can think of: orders a hit of him by the reapers. The powers that be send two reapers (because Renard wouldn't suspect two, apparently) who go pick up Salvatore and beat the crap out of him. I think they are suspicious of Salvatore's connection to Nick. Anyway, Nick calls Salvatore with more questions, and at the reapers' urging, tells him to meet him at the club. Nick arrives with backup, and they take Salvatore into custody without incident. Arthur IDs him, and Salvatore goes to lockup while Nick personally takes Arthur to the lodge for safekeeping. On the way, he realizes he is being followed. Once at the damn, Bud and John take Arthur into hiding, and Nick pulls out his Grimm weapons and beats the hell out of the two reapers. One beheads the other; Nick crossbows the other. It is Monroe's idea to behead the second reaper, and send both melons to the powers that be with the note,  "Next time send your best." The man in charge is horrified to discover he has been Sevened.

Dig It or Bury It?

There were a lot of funny moments in this episode. Monroe is just delightful. I'm sure I have said this before, but I am really ready to find out what Renard's game is. Is he on Nick's side, or is he on the side of the shadowy evil German contingent? I want some more Wesen Nazis to show up. Nazis are the perfect villains - they are essentially pure evil. But I digress. If Salvatore put a hit on Nick, why did the reapers capture him? This shadowy army from the old country is not fun. Just lay it out, let us know who we are dealing with, and then you can make them an effective conspiracy.

Big Bad...

Hasslich. They are kind of like the trolls that live under the bridge. They were hassling Robert over his construction because it would require moving or changing a bridge. Bridges are Hasslich turf. Also in this episode are the badger-like Eisbibers who are utterly terrified of Hasslich.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Juliette insists on having Monroe over for dinner as a thank you for him saving her life. Nick does not like the idea, but Monroe is honored to be invited. He finally wears Nick down, but they need to get their stories straight - Nick doesn't want to tell Juliette why he and Monroe are really friends. They come up with a story, based on truth, and all goes well until Monroe starts getting too detailed and the boys stumble over their words comically. In a desperate attempt to change the subject, Monroe tells Juliette, "Mark my words, I'm not leaving without this recipe." An awkward beat. "You know, can I have it now? Just in case?"


A modern Cinderella story involves a wealthy matriarch and her step-daughter, who recently lost a fortune in a Ponzi scheme.