TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 120 - 'Happily Ever Aftermath'


Grimm Episode 120

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

Written By: David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf

Directed By: Terrence O'Hara

Original Airdate: 4 May 2012

In This Episode...

Tonight is a Cinderella tale. Cinderella is Lucinda, a society girl whose mother died when she was nine. Her father Henry remarried when Lucinda was 11 - then died seven months later. Lucinda was raised by stepmother Mavis, a shoe designer who used Henry's money to launch her company. The two ugly stepsisters are severe, cold Tiffany, and hysterical, alcoholic Taylor. Prince Charming is Arthur, and the fairy godmother is actually a godfather - Spencer. He was an old friend of Henry's, and is Arthur's business partner.

Arthur put all of his money with one investor, who killed himself while being investigated for serious fraud charges (his name was, not so subtly, Bernard Aidikoff). Arthur and Spencer reluctantly go to Mavis for money - she flat-out refuses. That night, as Mavis is drifting off to sleep, a noise under her bed wakes her. There is a demon there, and it chases her. The demon emits a noise that is literally ear-splitting. Bleeding from every orifice, Mavis falls over the balcony and dies in the foyer.

Everyone has a motive, but there isn't any physical evidence. Spencer, who has spent his life protecting Lucinda, finally confesses. Nick finds him at the scene of Tiffany's murder. He tells the truth to both Hank and Nick - that he is a creature that can cause ear-splitting sounds that essentially make people's heads explode. Hank thinks he is crazy, and once he leaves the room he admits to Nick that he needs help - Lucinda is the one behind the murders. She is crazy and demanding and his life has been dedicated to keeping her under control. He needs Nick's help - Lucinda will kill Taylor next.

Spencer is left at the police station, but he escapes easily with his own ultrasonic voice. The cops head over to Taylor's house and find Lucinda attacking her. Hank stays with Taylor while Nick chases Lucinda. Monroe arrives with a siren from Aunt Marie's trailer. It emits a noise that counteracts Lucinda's ultrasonic sounds. They use it, and Lucinda dies - but she manages to take Spencer down with her, tearing out his throat. Nick and Hank deliver the siren to Renard, saying that this is how Lucinda murdered her stepmother and stepsister.

Also: Nick discovers that a year after his parents died, the case was marked as a homicide. There were four suspects: the three men who died during the jewel heist, and a fourth man named Akira Kimoro.

Dig It or Bury It?

Cinderella being the evil sister was kind of an obvious twist, but making her a demony-thing was way more fun. It was interesting that Cinderella - er, Lucinda - was just a flat-out sociopath. Spencer was the same demony-thing but he didn't feel the need to flaunt it. Plus, Lucinda was so syrupy-sweet you just know something is wrong there. She would make the Stepford wives a little nauseous. I liked that this wasn't a "conspiracy" episode, because those conspiracy episodes just haven't been going anywhere. At least stand-alone episodes like this focuses on the storytelling.

Big Bad...

...Murcielago. Literally, "bat out of hell." Monroe says within each Murcielago is the chance of good and evil. Yin and Yang, whatever you want to call it. These bat-like creatures emit a loud, shrieking noise that causes glass to explode, eyes to beed, even colons to explode. They can only be stopped with a Murcielago Matraca, an old hand-cranked siren that counteracts a Murcielago's own sonic frequencies.