TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 201 - 'Bad Teeth'


Grimm Episode 201
“Bad Teeth”
Written By: David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf
Directed By: Norberto Barba
Original Airdate: 13 August 2012

In This Episode...

At around the same time that Nick and Kimura were battling at the end of last season, a cargo boat was coming to Portland from France. When it docks, security discovers that one of the shipping containers holds a bloodbath, carried out by a very vicious, wild cat-like Wesen.

Nick has a lot on his plate right now. His mother, presumed dead for the last 18 years, has returned. His girlfriend is in a dangerous, mysterious coma, and the clock is ticking. All manner of Wesen lore is starting to close in on Nick. Nick’s mom, Kelly, explains that her friend, Gina, was the one killed in her place. There weren’t enough remains to make a proper identification. Gina was staying with the Burkhardts at the time. Kelly sent her husband and Gina away together, thinking the reapers who were chasing her would leave them alone. Obviously, it backfired. It was safer for Kelly - and Nick - if she played dead.

Kelly is back to collect the three gold coins and take them to be destroyed. She also wants revenge against Kimura. However, she gets sidetracked by the dangerous Wesen who was shipped over, and the mysterious key/map that Nick shows her.

Tonight’s episode was the first of a two-parter, so there are a lot of ends left dangling. Nick is lured to an empty warehouse on the pier by the wild Wesen. It is a trap, and the Wesen lunges for Nick as the episode cuts to black. 

Also: Kelly is disgusted that her son is friends with Wesen. Rosalee and Monroe think they have a cure for Juliette’s curse - something akin to Alzheimer’s - but the cure is very unstable and they only have 45 minutes to administer it. Kimura is arrested by the cops after the fight at Nick’s house, but he is soon poisoned while in jail, by an unknown assassin. He has tattoos on his back that tell some sort of story, one that Renard is familiar with. Kimura mentions casually that he encountered two Grimms, which sends Renard into a tailspin - two Grimms equals a situation that needs to be contained.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was something oddly comforting about watching tonight’s episode. Maybe it is because this (kind of) signals the start of the new fall season. Whatever it is, it was like coming home. This was a very dense episode. Lots and lots of info and lore. For season two, the show has added a prologue which explains Nick’s situation is very broad strokes. I have no problem with prologues, but this one felt cheap and rushed.

Grimm Tales

So about that key / map. There are seven of them, representing each of the seven royal families. These were created by the knights that fought for each family (and from who Grimms are descended). Each key contains a portion of a map, and when all seven map fragments are pieced together, it reveals the hiding place of Constantinople’s treasure, which is said to include something so powerful that whoever holds it, rules the planet.

Kelly also explains that the Grimm “talent” is hereditary, but it seems to jump around. In Nick’s immediate family, it is only him, Kelly, Marie, their father, and their great-grandmother who had the Grimm sight. No one knows when it will hit, but girls seem to get it earlier.


Nick and Kelly fight the wild Wesen; Monroe and Rosalee battle the clock to save Juliette; and Renard works with his estranged brother.