TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 202 - 'The Kiss'


Grimm Episode 202
“The Kiss”
Written By: Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt
Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Original Airdate: 20 August 2012

In This Episode...

We pick up in the middle of the fight between Nick and the mauvais dentes. Nick gets a shot off, but misses and loses his gun. Luckily Kelly comes in, and the two tag-team the Wesen. Kelly lands the killing blow: a stab to his neck. He then rushes straight to the hospital, where Rosalie’s magic potion is closing in on expiring. Rosalie, Monroe, and Kelly run interference while Nick adds six drops to each eye - no more, no less. This won’t wake her; it will merely halt the swiss cheesification of her brain.

The crime scene at the lumber mill is soon discovered. Hank and Nick are called in on it, but the investigation is quickly taken over by the FBI. Nick is nervous when they find a 9mm shell casing - he manages to grab the gun he left behind before anyone sees it. The FBI agents start to suspect that there was a third person involved in this crime when the ballistic report shows that the bullet did not come from either agent’s gun. Their suspicions rise when the last-dialed number on the female agent’s phone was Nick. They actually arrest Nick.

A hair at the scene does not match Nick’s DNA, but is close enough to be a relative. Nick doesn’t lie - he says it is his mother’s - but obviously no one believes him. Nick suggests the FBI is over thinking this whole thing. The John Doe found at the crime scene was linked to at least a dozen other murders in Europe - it seems wiser to give the dead agents credit for the kill and close the case. Reluctantly, the agents do that and let Nick go.

Renard collects the disgusting white potion from Catherine. Juliette can only be woken by someone who is pure of heart. The white goo is not for Juliette; it is for Renard. It will purify his heart and since he isn’t actually human, Catherine promises he is in for a hell of a ride. And he is. But Renard comes out the other side and heads to the hospital. Not long after Renard leaves, Kelly pays Catherine a visit. She wants to talk mother-to-mother to Catherine and find out how to reverse the spell on Juliette. Talking doesn’t work, so the two women battle. It goes too far and Catherine ends up dead. The only info she offers is that Juliette can only be woken by a prince. Kelly decides it is best if she leaves town. Nick gives her the three coins and drops her off at the train station. To the surprise of no one, once Nick is gone, Kelly instantly turns around and boosts a car. Looks like those coins are not going to be destroyed.

At the hospital, Renard gives Juliette a sweet kiss and leaves quickly. (Side note: after being in a coma for weeks, how the hell are her lips so plump and moist?) She wakes up, just like Sleeping Beauty does (no bed-head or anything), baffling the docs. Nick has just arrived (narrowly missing Renard) and is overjoyed to discover Juliette awake and refreshed - except she has no memory of Nick.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode started out slow - which is sad because it starts with a fight. But fighting alone does not an awesome episode make. It picked up about halfway through, when Nick was arrested, Renard drank his big jar of jism (sorry, but you knew that joke was coming), and Kelly got into a bitch-fight with Catherine. Intrigue and action - that’s a winning combination.

Gory Details

At some point, the two FBI agents had been handcuffed together and strung up from the ceiling. But then the female agent - the one on the “bottom” of the chain - falls to the ground. It is unclear if she was ripped down or if her joints simply disconnected, but one thing is certain: her hand and forearm were still dangling from the handcuff, 50 feet in the air.


Nick tries to have patience with Juliette’s amnesia, but he may have to tell Hank about his Grimm gift.